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On the dialog, click OK to complete the Extrude feature.
Revolve Features
Revolve is the process of taking a two-dimensional profile and revolving it about a center-
line to create a 3D geometry (shapes that are axially symmetric). While creating a sketch
for the Revolve feature, it is important to think about the cross-sectional shape that will
define the 3D geometry once it is revolved about an axis. For instance, the following geo-
metry has a hole in the center. This could be created with a separate Cut or Hole feature.
But in order to make that hole part of the Revolve feature, you need to sketch the axis of
revolution so that it leaves a space between the profile and the axis.
After completing the sketch, activate the Revolve command (On the ribbon, click Home
> Feature > Design Feature Drop-down > Revolve ). Click on the sketch to define the
section of the Revolve feature. On the dialog, click Specify Vector under the Axis section.
Click on a line to define the axis of revolution. The sketch will be revolved by full 360 de-
grees. If you want to enter an angle of revolution, type-in a value in the End box and press
Enter. On the dialog, click OK to complete the Revolve feature.
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