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Extrude and Revolve Features
Extrude and revolve features are used to create basic and simple parts. Most of the times,
they form the base for complex parts as well. These features are easy to create and require a
single sketch. Now, you will learn the commands to create these features.
The topics covered in this chapter are:
Constructing Extrude and Revolve features in the Modeling template
Creating Reference Planes
Additional Options in the Extrude and Revolve commands
Extrude Features
Extrude is the process of taking a two-dimensional profile and converting it into 3D by giv-
ing it some thickness. A simple example of this would be taking a circle and converting it
into a cylinder. Once you have created a sketch profile or profiles you want to Extrude , ac-
tivate the Extrude command (On the ribbon click Home > Feature > Extrude ). Click on
the sketch profile to add thickness to the sketch. Type-in a value in the End box and press
Enter to create the Extrude feature.
You can use the Symmetric Value option on the dialog to add equal thickness on both sides
of the sketch.
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