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When creating cast or plastic parts, you are often required to add draft on them so that they
can be molded. A draft is an angle or taper applied to the faces of parts to make it easi-
er to remove them from a mold. When creating Extrude features, you can predefine the
draft angle. But most of the time, it is easier to apply the draft after the features are cre-
ated. Activate the Draft command (On the ribbon, click Home > Feature > Draft ). On the
Draft dialog, select Type > From Plane or Surface and click on the X, Y, or Z-axis to
define the draft direction.
Select a face, which will act a reference plane (stationary face) for the draft. The draft angle
will be measured with reference to this face. After selecting the reference plane (stationary
face), click Faces to Draft > Select Face . Select the faces to draft and type-in a value in
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