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The sensor network that has been implemented, consist of three main elements. In the
highest level of the hierarchy there is the car-gateway which is in charge of collecting all the
data from the sensor network and store it in the data base.
One step below in the architectural hierarchy is the sensor manager, which is focused on
collecting all the data from the sensor nodes using a Bluetooth communication and then sends
the collected information to the car-gateway via Ethernet.
Finally, there is one more element in a lower level of the architectural hierarchy, the
sensor node. It works as an interface to the sensors themselves. It is able to control eight
different sensors and send the gathered information to the sensor manager via Bluetooth using
the IEEE1451.0 TransducerServices API and ModuleCommunication API.
4.1. Network Architecture
The network architecture that has been used is illustrated in figure 2.
Figure 2. General architecture of the sensor network.
Figure 2 shows the main elements of the system: the car-gateway, the sensor manager
and the sensor nodes.
For the Caring Cars project, seven different transducers have been used: gas detection,
temperature, pressure, inclination, humidity, light and a special ECG signal sensor too.
All these transducers have been distributed within a car, making three different groups
each one controlled by a sensor node (STIM). The data acquired by the nodes is sent to the
sensor manager using a previously established Bluetooth connection. The communication
parameters and the connection itself are established by the sensor manager.
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