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4.2. Car-Gateway
The Car-Gateway is the top element of the architecture and it is a Linux based Car-PC.
Its responsibility is to run the main application, storing the information sent by the Sensor
Manager via Ethernet and evaluating the information of the sensors in the system, and finally
taking the right decision in order to help increasing car safety and passengers comfort.
4.3. Sensor Manager, NCAP
The Sensor Manager is a Linux based mini-PC (alix 3c3). It uses the created libraries and
APIs to manage the sensors and the communication with the sensor nodes in a transparent
way, as it is defined in the IEEE 1451.0 and IEEE 1451.5 standards.
The following table summarizes the functions that have been implemented in the first
version of this solution:
Table 1. Implemented functions
Function name Description
TedsManager_readTeds Reads TEDS files
TimDiscovery_reportTims Reports available STIMs
TimDiscovery_reportChannels Reports available channels in a STIM
TransducerAccess_open Opens the access of the specified channel
TransducerAccess_close Closes the access of the specified channel
TransducerAccess_startStream Starts the data stream from a specified channel
TransducerAccess_cancel Stops the data stream of a specified channel
Comm_init Initializes the communication parameters and
establishes the Bluetooth connection
Comm_shutdown Shuts down a previously stablished Bluetooth
NetComm_open Opens the communication interface of the
IEEE 1451 layer
NetComm_close Closes the communication interface of the
IEEE 1451 layer
NetComm_readMsg Reads a message that is in the Bluetooth layer
from the IEEE 1451 layer
NetComm_writeMsg Writes a message from the IEEE 1451 layer in
the Bluetooth layer
NetComm_discoverDestinations Discovery of the destination of the message
Reading of a Point-to-Point communication
Writing of a Point-to-Point communitcation
Flushes the buffers of a Point-to-Point
Reads the size of a message of a Point-to-Point
communication for memory allocation
Notifies an incoming message to the IEEE
1451 layer
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