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Typical Differences between a Rooster and a Hen:
As with most birds, the rooster has more elaborate feathers than the hen. The illustration
shows the bigger comb and wattles of the rooster, compared to the hen. The feathers on the
neck known as the saddle feathers are larger and often have more color than the hen. The
rooster's tail feathers are his trademark, arching up and over to form a colorful cascade. The
color will depend on the breed. The rooster's claws are usually longer than the hen and will
have a spur on their foot to protect the flock and fight for their supremacy as the head rooster
of the flock. The rooster is usually a bigger bird than the hen. He will also have a charac-
teristic call known as crowing. Their penis is situated internally, which is why they need to
angle themselves on the hen's back to mate with them. Both hens and roosters have a cloaca,
which they used in mating.
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