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Class & Type: This is an English class of breed. It is considered rare.
Origin: It originated in England.
Colors: Red and silver grey varieties should have a single comb. However, the white and
cuckoo colors should have a rose comb.
Sizes: It only comes in standard size.
Characteristics: This is an old variety of chicken. It has 5 toes and its body has a boat shape.
It is a heavy breed that is bred for meat, egg and exhibition purposes. It is a bird with a
pleasant personality.
Class & Type: They are a French class of breed.
Origin: They originally came from France but are now divided into French, British and
German breeds.
Colors: The original color is salmon but other countries, apart from the U.S, allow other
colors for exhibition. Like white and mahogany.
Sizes: They come in bantam and standard sizes.
Characteristics: This breed is another dual purpose chicken which is good for meat and egg
laying production. They have 5 toes, a beard, light feathers on their legs and side muffs.
Class & Type: This breed is considered as a French class of breed and is a heavy variety.
Origin: La Fleche comes from France.
Colors: Originally, they were black chickens but now Blue Laced, Cuckoo and White vari-
eties are available.
Sizes: This breed is available in standard and bantam sizes.
Characteristics: This heavy breed is an old one from France. It has a crest in the shape of 2
horns. The French keep them primarily for meat but they also lay large white eggs.
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