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Class & Type: This breed is classed as an Asian breed. This is a dual purpose breed and is
considered to be rare.
Origin: It is Chinese in origin.
Colors: It is predominantly black.
Sizes: It comes in bantam and standard sizes.
Characteristics: This breed was developed from a Chinese breed called Croad Langshan.
The Croad Langshan was crossbred with Plymouth rocks and Minorcas to improve its egg
laying capacity. This cross breed became the Langshan breed. It is known as a heavy bird,
with a single 5 pointed comb. It has feathered legs and will lay light brown eggs.
Class & Type: This breed is classed as an English variety and is a heavy breed.
Origin: It originated in the U.K.
Colors: They come in a number of colors but the most common are buff, blue, white and
Sizes: Is a heavy breed that also lays well.
Characteristics: The comb is small and single and the chicken is docile and friendly. This
makes it a good bird to keep if you are a beginner at chicken raising. It has light brown
eggs and is used for both eggs and meat
Class & Type: This breed is classed as English breed.
Origin: This breed originated in England
Colors: They have a red and black plumage; also the hock and saddle feathers of the rooster
also have green webbing, which is tipped with black. The hen is nut brown with black half
moon spangles on her feathers.
Sizes: It is a medium heavy breed
Characteristics: This breed is also known as Derbyshire Redcap. It was created as a dual
purpose breed, but is now used for its medium, white eggs. It has a large rose comb with a
leader that is long and straight.
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