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White Skinned Chicken Breeds
Class & Type: This is classed as English breed although it came from Australia.
Origin: This breed originated in Australia.
Colors: It comes in black.
Sizes: This breed comes in standard and bantam.
Characteristics: It is a single comb clean leg breed. It is a dual purpose bird which lays large
brown eggs. It is docile and will even sit on eggs. It is a great breed for beginners who want
to raise chickens.
Catalanas, Buff
Class & Type: This is a Mediterranean class breed that is bred for its eggs.
Origin: This breed originated in Catalonia, Spain.
Colors: This breed comes in buff.
Sizes: It comes in bantam and standard.
Characteristics: This chicken has clean legs and a single comb. They are not a docile bird
and are quite active and flighty by nature. These chickens lay cream colored or slightly tin-
ted eggs. This is a dual purpose chicken.
Class & Type: This breed is of the French class and is considered quite rare.
Origin: This breed originated in France.
Colors: It comes in black.
Sizes: This chicken can be found in both bantam and standard sizes.
Characteristics: This breed was bred for meat and is crossed with the Dorking to make it
bigger. It also lays a number of white eggs. It has a crest and a V-shaped horned comb. This
chicken is susceptible to lice, due to its crest, so it will need to be checked regularly. It is
easily tamed making it good for a backyard flock.
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