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Yellow Skinned Chicken Breeds
Class & Type: This is an Asian class breed and is a heavier breed. It can be used for both
eggs and meat.
Origin: India.
Colors: They come in dark, buff and light.
Sizes: The breed comes in standard or bantam.
Characteristics: This breed is a large sized bird and the rooster can grow up to 11 lb. It is
feather legged with feathers on its feet and has a pea comb. One rooster is best kept with
only two hens. They are good for cold climates. The chickens are docile friendly chickens
and are good layers of medium brown eggs.
Class & Type: This is an American class breed and is considered to be a rare and endangered
Origin: They originated in the state of Ohio in the USA.
Colors: They are dark mahogany.
Sizes: It comes in standard size.
Characteristics: They are a heavy variety of chicken and can be used for both eggs and meat.
They have small pea combs and clean legs. It has a quiet disposition.
Class & Type: They are American class birds and are used for dual purpose.
Origin: These birds originated in Canada.
Colors: The variety comes in partridge and white.
Sizes: They come in bantam and standard sizes.
Characteristics: They are very winter hardy and have small single combs. This breed is a
friendly bird and will not brood. Also they lay large brown eggs.
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