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Chapter 5: Dual Purpose Chicken Breeds
How to Raise Chicken for Meat Production:
Firstly, you will need to consider the feed to growth ratio and how fast your chickens will
grow. Secondly you must not get attached to the chickens, as they must go to slaughter at
least 8 weeks. You should choose heavier breeds for meat production and it should have fast
growing hybrids.
The birds will need the same requirements as egg laying breeds. These include a clean, dry
coop. The birds do not like to roost at night because they are heavier breeds, so you will not
need perches. They will need a warm, comfortable place to sleep. You will not need nesting
boxes as the birds will be slaughtered before they start to lay.
What Age Should I Start Harvesting?
The birds will be ready for slaughter at around 5 to 8 weeks depending on the rate of growth.
You should not slaughter them after 8 weeks or they will become too big and they will have
health problems. Older chickens can also get quite tough.
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