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Naked Necks
Class & Type: These are classed under all fowl and are a dual purpose bird.
Origin: This breed is Transylvanian but was developed in Germany.
Colors: They come in white, black, red and buff.
Sizes: They come in bantam and standard varieties.
Characteristics: These birds are characterized by their naked neck. They have single combs
and clean legs. The birds are docile and friendly. They are fair layers of medium light
brown eggs.
White Faced Spanish
Class & Type: One of the oldest breeds this is classed as a Mediterranean breed. It is a me-
dium variety that is bred for eggs.
Origin: It is a Spanish breed.
Colors: Black with a white face and long white earlobes.
Sizes: It comes in standard and bantam varieties.
Characteristics: They have single combs with distinctive white faces and long white ear-
lobes. They are good layers of large white eggs. They are active flighty birds that do not
have docile characteristics.
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