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White Skinned Chicken Breeds
Andalusians, Blue
Class & Type: These birds are classed as a Mediterranean breed and are a light breed. They
are also a very rare breed.
Origin: They originally came from Andalusia, Spain.
Colors: The blue variety is the only one accepted by the APA.
Sizes: Only the standard breed is available
Characteristics: This is a single combed clean legged breed. It is not a brooder and is not
known to be docile. It is a good layer of large white eggs. It is the original blue chicken,
which gave rise to the many blue varieties of chickens. This breed is small and active.
Class & Type: Araucana/Americauna breeds are classed as “all other breeds.”
Origin: Araucunas come from South America. The breed is quite rare they have tufts which
make them hard to breed and exhibit.
Colors: The Americauna birds come in Black, Blue Wheaten, Blue, Buff, Wheaten, Brown
Red, White and Silver.
Sizes: They come in bantam and standard sizes.
Characteristics: They have beards and muffs but only the Araucunas have tufts. These chick-
ens lay blue colored medium eggs. Aracunas will brood but Americauna breeds will not.
They both have pea combs. These birds are breed for their eggs.
Class & Type: These are a Continental class of breed.
Origin: These birds were developed in Northern Europe.
Colors: Silver and golden are the recognized colors.
Sizes: Standard
Characteristics: This is a single comb clean legged bird. They are not docile birds and are
not brooders. They are breed solely for their medium sized white eggs.
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