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Class & Type: They are classed as a Continental breed.
Origin: They originated in Holland and are an old breed.
Colors: There are a number of colors available Black, White, Silver Penciled, Golden
Penciled, Silver Spangled, Golden Spangled,
Sizes: They are a light breed. Bantam as well as standard sizes are available.
Characteristics: They have a rose comb and have clean legs. These birds have a flighty per-
sonality and are active which means they need room to forage and are not good in confine-
ment. They lay small white eggs.
Class & Type: It is a Continental class breed of chicken and is considered a light breed.
Origin: This breed originated in the Netherlands but was developed in Germany.
Colors: Silver is the color that is accepted for exhibition purposes.
Sizes: Bantam and standard varieties of this breed are available.
Characteristics: It is a good producer of cream or light tinted medium eggs. The breed has
a single comb with clean legs. It is not very hardy in winter and it is not a docile bird.
Class & Type: This is a Mediterranean class of breed and is heavier than the other breeds
in its class.
Origin: It originated in Spain.
Colors: They are often black with white earlobes. They can be black, white or buff with
single combs and white or black with rose combs.
Sizes: They come in bantam and standard sizes.
Characteristics: Is another light breed that lays good sized white eggs. The rooster has a
single comb that is large and erect. The hens have a comb that flops over. They can also
have rose combs. The chickens do not have a docile disposition and do not brood. They are
active and flighty.
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