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Characteristics: They are famous for their egg laying prowess. They have big single
combs which flop over on one side. The other colors have been developed by breeders
around the world. They are quite flighty but their egg laying traits are good for backyard
flocks, especially if you want to sell the eggs. They lay extra large white eggs.
Sicilian Buttercup
Class & Type: This is a Mediterranean class of chicken.
Origin: The breed originated from the island of Sicily.
Colors: They are a rich brown variety.
Sizes: They are a light breed and are available in standard and bantam varieties.
Characteristics: They have clean legs and have a buttercup comb which contributes to their
beauty. This breed is not very friendly so it might not be the best choice for the beginner.
The roosters are friendlier than the hens. They fly well so the run needs to be covered. They
are fair layers of small white eggs. It is a rare breed of chicken.
Class & Type: This breed is termed a Continental class of bird and is a light breed.
Origin: It originated in Holland and is named after the village of Welsum.
Colors: It is red and black like an old English game bird.
Sizes: It is available in standard and bantam.
Characteristics: These birds have single combs and clean legs. Dark chocolate eggs are pro-
duced by those birds that are not such good layers, while lighter brown eggs are produced
by hens that lay better. The eggs are dark brown or light brown and are large. They are
friendly birds that love to forage, but they can also adapt to runs. This breed is good for
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