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APA/ABA Chicken Breeds Class
This is how chickens are classed by the APA/ABA
American Breeds: These are those that have originated in the US. Many of these breeds
were developed for their egg laying prowess as well as their meat. This makes them dual
purpose birds. Examples of popular American class breeds are:
Plymouth Rocks: This is a dual purpose breed that lays brown eggs.
Wyandottes: This is another dual purpose chicken that will lay brown eggs
· Rhode Island Reds: This breed is an all time favorite and is a dual purpose
bird. It lays good sized brown eggs.
· Jersey Giants: These are large birds that were bred for meat. However they
also lay brown eggs.
New Hampshires: These are dual purpose chickens and lay brown eggs.
Asiatic Breeds: Many of these breeds originated in China. These birds are often breed for
dual purpose, meat and eggs. Some are also breed for exhibition purposes. Examples of these
breeds are:
· Brahmas: This is a heavy breed of chicken and can be used for both eggs
and meat. The breed is hardy in cold winters. It has feathered legs and feet.
Langshans: This is another dual purpose breed that originated in China.
English Breeds: This class of chicken is breed in the UK. They were bred primarily for eggs
and meat. Cock fighting was popular and led to some breeds like the Cornish breed. Some
birds were also bred for exhibition purposes.
Dorkings: It is a heavy breed that is breed for meat and exhibition purposes.
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