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· Redcaps: This breed is also known as Derbyshire Redcap. It was created as
a dual purpose breed, but is now used for its white eggs.
· Cornish: This breed was bred by cockers for cock fights. They were bred
in Cornwall. It is a heavy bird and is now breed for meat. The birds have pea
combs and red ear lobes. The chicken has widespread thick legs and come in 3
colors, white laced with chestnut, chestnut with double lacing of greenish black,
and blue. They often go by the name of Indian Game birds. They do become tame
quite easily and are not as aggressive as other Game birds.
· Orpingtons: Is a heavy breed that also lays well. It has light brown eggs and
is used for both eggs and meat.
· Sussex: This is a heavy breed of bird which is used for the dual purpose of
eggs and meat.
· Australorps: Are usually black heavy breeds and were imported to the UK
in the 1920's from Australia. They have serrated single combs and are docile in
nature. They are good layers of tinted brown eggs. They are dual purpose birds
and are a good breed for beginners.
Mediterranean Breeds: These breeds of chicken are those that originated from coun-
tries that border the Mediterranean Sea which included Italy and Spain. Many of these
breeds were bred for eggs and a number of them are good layers of white eggs. They
are often lighter breeds and do not brood. The majorities of these birds are quite
flighty by nature and do not make good pets. These birds have single or rose combs
and clean legs. Here are some examples:
• Leghorns: Are light breeds of bird that are exceptionally good at laying eggs. The
white ones are used commercially. They lay white eggs.
• Minorcas: These chickens are similar to the Leghorn except that they are black
with white earlobes. They are good layers of large white eggs.
• Spanish: These birds are characterized by their white faces and long white ear-
lobes. They lay white eggs.
• Andalusians: They are the original blue chickens which have been breed with other
breeds to create other blue varieties of chickens. It also lays white eggs.
• Anconas: Are often black with a white V-shape on each feather. It lays white eggs.
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