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Chicken Breeds Size
When the average person thinks about chickens they often think about the standard size
chickens but there are other sizes available.
· Bantam: These are small breeds of chicken that are often kept for pets or ex-
hibition. These birds are about ¼ the size of standard chickens. Many people who
raise bantams will take them to exhibitions. Especially the true bantam variety of
Sebrights which are beautiful birds. Bantams make good pets as they are small and
easier to keep than the large chickens. If you have a smaller space then these birds
are good to keep. Most of them are not quite as docile as their standard counter-
parts. However, Japanese Silkie bantams are still docile and make good pets. They
are also good brooders which make them good for breeding. These birds are not
usually bred for eggs and meat.
· Large Fowl: These birds are standard size chickens and can be bred for meat
and eggs. Some people also use them for shows and exhibition purposes. Now
there are breeds that have been created, like the Jersey Giant breed that are larger
than standard birds and are bred for meat. Meat varieties of birds are heavier than
the egg layers and are bred for their fast growth. These birds can be ready for the
table by 5 to 8 weeks old. The chickens are also bred for flavor. Some of the pop-
ular meat or broilers are Orpingtons and Cornish breeds.
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