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criminals, villains, and terrifying monsters. The character creation screen in
particular has garnered high praise. Some MMOs have limited character sets and
so the players end up looking similar, whereas City of Heroes has many
combinations to give an endless number of crazy, colorful, and interesting
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City of Villains
City of Villains is a standalone box product purchase and an expansion to the
City of Heroes game. It added new content and allowed you to play as a villain in
the game. Owning both products meant you can have multiple good and evil
characters within the same game.
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Dark Age of Camelot
In Dark Age of Camelot, players can join one of the three groups, the Britons, the
Celts, or the Norse. The story is set in a world where King Arthur has just died
in the kingdom of Albion. Dark Age of Camelot is very much a player vs. player
game. Player vs. player is where the different groups can attack each other within
the game, and can partake in several tasks such as territorial conquest and
protecting various relics while trying to capture the enemy
s relics. If you are
interested in a medieval-based game that uses Arthurian-,Celtic-, and Norse-
based mythology, you should check out this game.
You can find out more about Dark Age of Camelot at http://www.darkageofcamelot.
DC Universe Online
City of Heroes and City of Villains both had a clear run of the super hero games
for a while, but with Champions Online and now DC Universe, they will soon be
having some competition. DC Universe Online is an MMO that features the DC
comic book heroes, such as Batman and Superman. You cannot play these
characters, but you can be asked to fight alongside these heroes. DC Universe is
one of the new breed of MMOs that are multiplatform, the game is currently
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