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available for PC and PlayStation 3. This will become more common as game
companies try to bring together users from different platforms.
You can find out more information about DC Universe Online at http://dcuo.
Dungeons and Dragons
In the 1970s a new type of game was created, involving a fantasy setting,
storytelling, and the rolling of dice. The game was Dungeons and Dragons,a
role-playing game that involved a group of people who were the players and one
person who was in charge of the story and events called the Dungeon Master.
The Dungeon Master would set out a basic scene and the players would decide
what they wanted to do with their characters.
The success of the game and its detailed rulebooks were perfect for computer
game conversion. The rules were already written about how characters should
act with each other based on alignment (good, lawful, evil, and so on), the
weapons they could use, and the armor they could wear. Dungeons and Dragons
has a rich and varied gaming history and this makes the game very interesting to
The Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game has also been made into an
excellent cartoon TV series (from the 1980s) and a not-so-good movie.
If you are in North America, you can find more information at http://www.ddo.
If you are in Europe, you can find information at
Eve Online
Eve Online is a space-based game set 21,000 years in the future. There are a total
of five races within Eve, four of which are playable. The game
s major playing
points are the political alliances that different players and groups of players can
bring to the game and its economy-based system. The game uses the economic
and political aspects to draw players into the game by creating and breaking
alliances. If you have ever played a board game called Risk, you will know that
alliances are fragile and usually don
t last very long. Other MMOs have guilds,
which are groups of people who will play together, while Eve has corporations.
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