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shooting. The game had an estimated $100 million development budget and
shortly after its release the company that created APB went into administration
(sort of like bankruptcy in the UK). Since then the game has been purchased by
another company and is being re-released as APB Reloaded.
You can find out more information about APB at
Anarchy Online
Anarchy Online is a free-to-play science-fiction-based MMO. The game is
played 30,000 years in the future where computers are a fact of life and humans
have advanced themselves by attaching microprocessors to their bodies. You
play the game on a planet called Rubi-Ka where the Omni-Tek Corporation
fights with the Clans. The game has some interesting concepts; for example
you can own your own apartment where you can store items from your
inventory (although this is only if you don
otherwise you lose all items stored within it). You also have the opportunity to
build your own city, after you have purchased the land to build it on.
Anarchy also uses the micro payments system, which in this case is called
premium content. You can purchase extra clothing items or vehicles, such as a
jet bike or hover board to help you get around quicker.
You can find out more information about Anarchy Online at http://www.
Champions Online
Ever wanted to be a super hero? Champions Online gives you the chance to
create a highly customizable character, both in looks and in range of available
super powers. Based on the pen and paper role-playing game from the 1980s,
now you can create the ultimate super hero. The game allows solo play or the
ability to join others to form your very own super team!
You can find out more about the game at
City of Heroes
This is the original super heroes game, with the one ability that everyone wants,
the ability to fly! You are tasked with protecting Paragon city from dastardly
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