Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
n Go To: Goes to a particular line number within your code sheet.
n Comments: Removes or adds comments to your code. Comments are
lines of text that are used in the code to remind you what a particular
piece of code does. Comments are ignored by the system when it creates
your code. Comments are created by typing a double forward slash, such
as //.
n Bookmarks: A bookmark is a link to a particular point in the code
that you want to mark as important. At any point, you can select the
bookmark and jump to that line in the code.
n Advanced: Provides three options to set up various settings for the code
screen, such as indentation guides (displays dotted lines to show you
how far a set of characters has been indented) and whitespace (displays
any tabs as white spaces or full stops). Finally, the Highlight Current
Line option displays the line as yellow.
The View menu option contains the following features, as shown in Figure 15.6.
Figure 15.6
The View menu.
n Toolbars: Switches the toolbars on and off.
n Project Explorer: Enables the Project Explorer.
n Zoom In: Zooms in on the code view screen.
n Zoom out: Zooms out on the code view screen.
n Reset Zoom: Resets the zoom to its original setting.
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