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Figure 15.5
The Edit menu options.
n Undo: If you have made a change that you want to revert, you can use
the Undo option.
n Redo: If you have deleted a change and want to reapply it, you can use
the Redo option. The Redo option also works if you have just used the
Undo menu option.
n Cut: Removes any selected text code and places it in the Windows
n Copy: Makes a copy of the selected text code and places it on the
Windows clipboard.
n Paste: Takes any code that is currently on the Windows clipboard and
places it into the code window.
n Select All: Highlights all of the text in the code window.
n Find and Replace: Finds a particular piece of text and replaces it with
another piece of text or number.
Incremental Search: Searches for a particular term incrementally. This is
very useful if you want to find all examples of a particular variable or
number within your code.
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