Game Development Reference
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n Waypoint Link A : Specify that a waypoint object is Waypoint Link A.
n Waypoint Remove A : Remove a waypoint linked to A.
n Waypoint Link B : Specify that a waypoint object is Waypoint Link B.
n Waypoint Remove B : Remove a waypoint linked to B.
You can see the Waypoints icons close-up in Figure 10.13.
Figure 10.13
The creation and removal of waypoint links using the icons in the toolbar.
Only NPCs (non-player characters) can follow a waypoint. The waypoint system is fairly
rudimentary, but should provide some use for basic movements of NPC characters.
Render Icons
Rendering is the process of taking a computer game object such as a tree, castle,
ground, or world and displaying its textures. When you are designing a large
level in any type of game and you have a large number of objects, moving
around the game world can be very slow if all objects are displaying their best
quality textures. When a level designer is creating a game and placing objects
within the world, she may turn down certain aspects of the textures so that they
use less memory and players can then move around the world quicker.
The Render icons are shown in Figure 10.14 and are defined here, from left to
Figure 10.14
The Render buttons close-up.
n Toggle Scenery : This allows you to turn off the scenery within your
game world. Scenery consists of items such as water and game objects
like treasure chests. These are items that dress up your world.
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