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n Toggle Grass : Grass isn
t the floor of your game world but objects that
resemble grass strands; these would be in the form of grass blades and
grass based bushes.
n Toggle Trees : Used to switch on or off the trees within your game.
n Toggle Terrain : The terrain is the physical floor that your character
walks upon. It can be quite confusing when you turn this option off
unless you are working at a higher level such as the top of a
n Toggle Editor Objects : Any editor objects that have been added such as
portals and triggers will be removed.
n Toggle Terrain Collision Radius : This will display the effective area of
the collision area on the terrain. On switching this on, the terrain will
turn green.
n Reload Shaders : Any rendering effects that you have applied to the
world will be reloaded.
In Figures 10.15 and 10.16, you can see the different effects of toggling some of
these options.
Terrain Icons
You can see a close-up of the Terrain group in Figure 10.17; the terrain group
consists of the following three options:
n Auto Texture Terrain : This will automatically texture the terrain. This is
a quick way of applying various textures easily to your terrain, which
then gives you more time to fine-tune the terrain.
n Import Terrain : Includes three methods for creating a terrain map
quickly. You will look at this in more detail in Chapter 12.
n Grass Types Editor : The grass type
s editor, shown in Figure 10.18,
allows you to edit various grass types, including the determining of
their coverage and scale. This is very useful for generating a varied
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