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Figure 7.4
The mesh of the lizardman.
Figure 7.5
Additional configuration options for a mesh object.
Some of these additional options allow you to change features of the mesh, such
as object scale and the level of detail.
Level of detail (or LOD as it is commonly called) is an extremely useful technique for improving the
available memory of a game by reducing the quality of the texture of objects that are far away. If
your character is standing next to an object, you would want to display a high level of detail for
that object. This would ensure that objects close up look as good as they possibly can. When an
object is far away, the human eye cannot see all the detail in a highly graphical texture, so there is
no point in wasting precious memory and resources showing details that can
t be viewed anyway.
Within Realm Crafter you can pick from a high, medium, or low level of detail based on the
distance from the player
s viewpoint.
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