Acronyms in networking starting with 'L'

L2F Layer 2 Forwarding L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol LAN Local Area Network LANCES LAN Resource Extension and Services (IBM Corp.) LANE Local Area Network Emulation LAPB Link Access Procedure-Balanced LAT Local Area Transport (Digital Equipment Corp.) LATA Local Access and Transport Area LBO Line Build Out LCD Liquid Crystal Display LCN Local Channel Number […]

Acronyms in networking starting with 'K'

K (Kilo) One Thousand (e.g., Kbps) KB Kilobyte (1,000 bytes) KHz kilohertz (thousands of cycles per second) KSU Key Service Unit KTS Key Telephone System KVM Keyboard, Video, Mouse (a type of switch)

Acronyms in networking starting with 'J'

JCE Java Cryptography Extensions JIT Just In Time JEPI Joint Electronic Payments Initiative JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group JRE Java Runtime Environment JTAPI Java Telephony Application Programming Interface JTC Joint Technical Committee JVM Java Virtual Machine

Acronyms in networking starting with 'I'

I/O Input/Output IAB Internet Architecture Board IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority IAPP Inter Access Point Protocol ICI Interexchange Carrier Interface ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol ICP Internet Cache Protocol ICR Intelligent Call Routing ICS Intelligent Calling System ICSA International Computer Security Association ID Identification IDDD International Direct Dialing Designator IDPR Inter-Domain Policy Routing IEC International […]

Acronyms in networking starting with 'T'

3G Third Generation T1 Transmission service at the DS1 rate of 1.544 Mbps T3 Transmission service at the DS3 rate of 44.736 Mbps TA Technical Advisor TA Technical Advisory TAG Technical Advisory Group TAPI Telephony Application Programming Interface (Microsoft Corp.) TASI Time Assigned Speech Interpolation TB Terabyte (1,000,000,000,000 bytes) TBOP Transparent Bit Oriented Protocol Tbps […]

Acronyms in networking starting with 'S'

SA Source Address SACCH Slow Associated Control Channel SAFER Split Access Flexible Egress Routing (AT&T) SAN Storage Area Network SAP Second Audio Program SAP Service Access Point SAP Service Advertising Protocol SAS Single Attached Station SATAN Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks SBCCS Single Byte Command Code Set (IBM Corp.) SC Subscriber Channel SC System […]

Acronyms in networking starting with 'R'

RAC Remote Access Concentrator RACH Random Access Channel RAD Remote Antenna Driver RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial-In Service RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks RAM Random Access Memory RAS Remote Access Server RASDL Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line RASP Remote Antenna Signal Processor RBES Rule Based Expert Systems RCU Remote Control Unit RDBMS Relational Data Base […]

Acronyms in networking starting with 'Q'

QA Quality Assurance QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation QCIF Quarter Common Intermediate Format QIC Quarter Inch Cartridge QoS Quality of Service QPSK Quadrature Phase Shift Keying

Acronyms in networking starting with 'P'

PA Preamble PACS Personal Access Communications System PAD Packet Assembler-Disassembler PAL Phase Alternating by Line PAN Personal Area Network PAP Password Authentication Protocol PB Petabyte (l,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) PBX Private Branch Exchange PC Personal Computer PCB Printed Circuit Board PCH Paging Channel PCI Peripheral Component Interface PCM Pulse Code Modulation PCN Personal Communications Networks PCS Personal […]

Acronyms in networking starting with 'O'

OAM Operations, Administration, Management OAM&P Operations, Administration,Maintenance and Provisioning OC Optical Carrier OC-1 Optical Carrier Signal-Level 1 (51.84 Mbps) OC-3 Optical Carrier Signal-Level 3 (155.52 Mbps) OC-9 Optical Carrier Signal-Level 9 (466.56 Mbps) OC-12 Optical Carrier Signal-Level 12 (622.08 Mbps) OC-18 Optical Carrier Signal-Level 18 (933.12 Mbps) OC-24 Optical Carrier Signal-Level 24 (1.244 Gbps) OC-36 […]