UNIX Programs That Come in Handy (MacBook)

As a MacBook user, you might be surprised to know that many applications on your hard drive don’t reside in one of the typical Applications folders of Mac OS X. These applications, in fact, don’t have any graphical user interface like what you’re accustomed to. They’re accessible only from the command line. The remainder of […]

AppleScript Just Plain Rocks (MacBook)

Topic 2: In This Topic Simplifying your life with AppleScript Letting AppleScript create scripts for you Writing scripts on your own Using Automator to create your own applications Searching for AppleScript help elsewhere Wsing a Macintosh is supposed to make your life easier — and in many ways, it does. But there’s a limit to […]

Useful Commands (MacBook)

Manipulating files and viewing folder content is fun, but the command line is capable of so much more! Now I focus your attention on some of the other useful tasks that you can perform with the command line. Mac OS X comes stocked with a full set of useful commands. You can discover what commands […]

UNIX Cadillac Commands (MacBook)

Besides working with files and processes, the command line has all kinds of sophisticated commands. For example, with the command line, you have instant access to a variety of tools for finding files or even stringing together commands. Finding files The command line gives you a number of ways to search for files on your […]

UNIX Commands 101 (MacBook)

To use the command line effectively, familiarize yourself with the commands that are available to you. After all, how can you use a tool without knowing what it can do? Despite having to memorize a few commands, UNIX usually makes it easy on you by abbreviating commands, by following a standard grammar (so to speak), […]

Working with Files (MacBook)

If you’ve used a computer for any time at all, you’re no doubt familiar with the idea of files. Even before the first floppy drive appeared in personal computers, operating systems have stored data in files . . . they date back to the days when a mainframe computer occupied an entire floor of an […]

Uncovering the Terminal (MacBook)

The best way to find out how to use command line is to jump right in. Mac OS X comes stocked with an application named Terminal. The Terminal application is where you enter commands in the command line. It’s located in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder on your hard drive — choose Applications […]

Using UNIX on Your MacBook

Topic 1: In This Topic Why use UNIX? Doing things with the keyboard Introducing UNIX commands Creating text files Exploring deep inside Mac OS X Is I mention in the first topic of the Topic II, UNIX lurks deep beneath V \ the shiny Aqua exterior of Mac OS X. UNIX is a tried-and-true operating […]

Why Use the Keyboard? (MacBook)

To begin benefiting from the UNIX underpinnings of Mac OS X, get used to doing things with the keyboard. Although mouse skills can be applied to UNIX, you’ll generally find performing UNIX functions faster and easier with the keyboard. UNIX keyboarding is fast Why on Earth would any red-blooded MacBook owner want to leave the […]

The Magic of Wireless Printing (MacBook)

To your Mac laptop, a wireless Bluetooth printer is just another Bluetooth connection — but to you, it’s the very definition of convenience, especially if desk space is limited next to your Mac. Just set that paper-producing puppy up anywhere in the 30 40 foot range, plug it in, set up the printer in Snow […]