What is the Safety Record so Far? (Rocket Motor)

As of the \ ear. 2000. since the 1984 publication of my first topic, my company, the Teleflite Corporation, has sold 10.000 copies of that topic, and enough cardboard tubes to make 250.000 homemade rocket motors. Of course not everyone who buys the topic actually makes a rocket motor. But if just a tenth of them do. if just a tenth of the cardboard tubes have actually been used, that amounts to 1.000 people making a total of 25.000 rocket motors over a span of 17 years. In 1985 and 1986 several of my readers attended hobby shows where people opposed to the making of homemade rocket motors had exhibits. In each case, when my readers mentioned my topic, they were
warned that making homemade rocket motors was very dangerous, and that people who shared this view- (hoping to discredit the topic were actively searching for someone who’d been injured by following the topic’s instructions. Until 1991 I received sporadic reports that the search continued. Since 1992 I have heard nothing. It is now the year. 2000. and despite these efforts to find one. there has never been a report of an accident or injury resulting from any topic ever written by me. or published by my company, the Teleflite Corporation.

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