SPIRITUAL HUMAN YOGA (Religious Movement)

Spiritual Human Yoga (SHY) was originally known as Universal Human Energy and uses today the name of Mankind Enlightenment Love (MEL) as well. It is a far-Eastern movement founded in 1989 by Luong Minh Dang, born in Vietnam in 1942. From 1961 to 1975, he was an officer in the Vietnamese Navy. After years of difficulty following the communist takeover, he finally emigrated to the United States, becoming a citizen in 1985. Taking residence in St Louis, Missouri, he later became known as a healer. In addition to North America, Mexico and Brazil, SHY is active mainly in the Germanic and Latin countries of Europe, in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia, as well as in Turkey, Israel, and Thailand. In 1998, about 10,000 people of all nationalities reached level 6, the movement’s then highest level.

Dang states that he inherited his technique from previous masters: the founder of the Human Energy spiritual school allegedly was a certain Dasira Narada (1846-1924) from Sri Lanka. The founder’s successor, an Indian, is reported to have initiated Luong Minh Dang in Vietnam in 1972, and to have died in Sri Lanka in 1980. Spiritual Human Yoga claims to develop techniques that control Human Energy so that it can be used for the well-being of mankind (for example, to heal a sick person). Compared with other techniques, Human Energy’s supporters say it is simpler to use and quicker. Up to level 5, Energy is transmitted through the hands; at higher levels, telepathically. Advanced students also use small pyramids to gather Energy. Since late 1999, there has been a level 7, and since January 2000 the first three levels have been taught in a single session.

SHY does not have the structure or functions of a religious group: there are none of the classic ceremonies or rites of passage marking the milestones of existence. Nevertheless, Master Dang’s message contains a spiritual teaching, which starts beginning at level 4. This eclectic and non-dogmatic teaching combines many of the themes currently popularized by alternative religions. Dang expresses special respect for Buddha and Jesus, and declares that he is guided by Higher Beings who constantly provide him with new information. At times he is fairly critical of established religions.

In Europe, Spiritual Human Yoga has had some problems: in January 1999, Dang was arrested by the Belgian police and spent sixty-five days in jail before being released on bail. Although the charges against him were mainly financial in nature, the media stressed the movement’s apocalyptic language. In effect, Dang is certain that the twenty-first century will be a turning-point for humanity, and has often implied that major upheavals are imminent. SHY claims that it can overcome the difficulties of the transitional period, and can develop unprecedented abilities in the control of matter. Dang’s teaching includes a clearly millenary dimension (see Millenarianism): at its advanced levels, SHY is presented as a technique that can contribute to the establishment of a new earthly paradise in which an ideal climate will reign for eternity, in which all illnesses will be curable, and in which death will be almost entirely eliminated.

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