Accessing the JavaFX SDK API (Getting a Jump Start in JavaFX)

A useful resource available from the JavaFX sites is the SDK API JavaDoc documentation, shown in Figure 1-3.

 JavaFX SDK API Javadoc





 JavaFX SDK API Javadoc

Figure 1 -3. JavaFX SDK API Javadoc

The API documentation in Figure 1-3, for example, shows how to use the Rectangle class, located in the javafx.scene.shape package. Scrolling down this web page shows the properties, constructors, methods, and other helpful information about the Rectangle class. By the way, this API documentation is available in the JavaFX SDK that you’ll download shortly, but we wanted you to know how to find it online as well.

Now that you’ve explored Oracle’s JavaFX web site and available resources, it’s time to obtain the JavaFX SDK and related tools so that you can begin developing JavaFX programs.

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