Silverlight For Windows Phone

Working with Data (Silverlight For Windows Phone)

Windows Phone which uses Silverlight as a development platform surely inherits the beauty of interacting with data using DataBinding. Binding data to Ul Control means that any alteration we do in Ul will cause a change in the data bound to it and vice versa. DataBinding makes it easier for us to display data by […]

Using Isolated Storage (Silverlight For Windows Phone)

Isolated storage is a local storage that can be used for Windows Phone application data storage needs. When an application is running, it works with a number of data, some of which is temporary and only required for certain sessions, therefore storing them will not be necessary. This is where isolated storage comes in handy. […]

Soft Iinput Panel Layout (Silverlight For Windows Phone)

On Windows Phone devices, with the absence of physical keyboard, you probably would have guessed that we have to interact with the device using on-screen keyboard. SIP or Soft Input Panel is the name given for Windows Phone’s on-screen keyboard. One of the common scenarios in which SIP will appear is when we interact with […]

Getting to Know Web Browser (Silverlight For Windows Phone)

Say you want a scenario in which you need to display a webpage but you don’t want to use your device’s built-in browser. Web Browser control is an option for this. WebBrowser control is a control that can be used to display contents in the form of a web page, whether it is a locally […]

Globalization & Localization (Silverlight For Windows Phone)

Speaking of applications, especially mobile applications, as a developer you surely are not aiming to make an application just for yourself. You build the application so that it is usable for as many people as possible, maybe even for users from different countries. Globalization is used in order to accommodate different cultures, so that applications […]

Location Based System (Silverlight For Windows Phone)

Location based system has become a certain trend in 2010. We can see services such as Gowalla, Foursquare, and even Facebook offering location features in their applications. The ability to retrieve locations gives developers an opportunity to give a unique user experience. Any Windows Phone device manufacturer are obliged to include in the device a […]

Getting to Know Accelerometer (Silverlight For Windows Phone)

Accelerometer is a component to measure acceleration in such a way that it can detect changes in the device’s position and the magnitude of the change. Microsoft requires every Windows Phone manufacturer to put this sensor in every device that supports Windows Phone. This way, a change in the device’s physical position can be used […]

Bing Maps Control for Windows Phone

Bing™ Maps Silverlight Control for Windows Phone combines the powers of Silverlight and Bing Maps to support applications. Developers can now use Bing Maps Silverlight Control, which includes location and search services. For those of you who are quite familiar with using this control in standard Silverlight applications, you surely won’t see any difficulties to […]

Unit Converter (Silverlight For Windows Phone) Part 1

This Unit Converter application we are making is an application to convert values from one measurement unit to another, for example from meter to feet, or from mile to kilometer. Conceptually, we will use several aspect we discussed on the LEARN part, which are using SIP Layout (Digit), IsolatedStorage to store settings, Globalization and Localization, […]

Unit Converter (Silverlight For Windows Phone) Part 2

Adding Culture List User preference is provided ultimately to adjust to language or culture selection that users want for the application. This will affect the application’s presentation and surely the more adjustable it is to users’ expectations, the better. 1. Let’s prepare culture selections for users to select from. Insert a list picker on the […]