iPhone JavaScript

Introduction Many web applications implement common features independent of the final purpose for which they have been designed. Functionalities and features such as authentication, forms validation, retrieving records from a database, caching, logging, and pagination are very common in modern web applications. As a developer, surely you have implemented one or more of these features […]

Installing the UiUIKit framework (iPhone JavaScript)

UiUIKit is the short name of the Universal iPhone UI Kit framework. The development of this framework is carried out through an open source project hosted in Google Code and is distributed under the GNU Public License v3. Let’s see how to install it on different operating systems. Getting ready As the main project file […]

Installing the XUI framework (iPhone JavaScript)

Frameworks and libraries such as jQuery, prototype, MooTools, YUI, and Dojo are becoming very popular among web developers. All of them present an easy way for using the DOM model of HTML in addition to the AJAX capabilities and other interesting features such as animations, including support for multiple browsers avoiding the complexity of cross-browser […]

Installing the iWebKit framework (iPhone JavaScript)

The iWebKit is a framework focused on being fast, lightweight, and specifically for developing web applications and websites for Apple’s devices. Installation is a straightforward process, as we’ll see in this recipe. Getting ready This framework can be downloaded for free from its main website. As it is distributed as a ZIP file, we’ll need […]

Installing the WebApp.Net framework (iPhone JavaScript)

This JavaScript framework is not specific for iPhone and other Apple devices. It was designed for different modern mobile devices focused on AJAX functionality, offering functions to avoid the complexity of developing this technology from scratch. In fact, it is very useful due to differences between web browsers of the mobile platforms and operating systems. […]

Installing the PhoneGap framework (iPhone JavaScript)

PhoneGap is a web framework designed to build cross-platform for mobile devices. The framework includes a set of tools to deploy your applications on different mobile operating systems without changing the original code written using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We’ll cover how to install this framework on Mac to be used for iPhone development. Please […]

Installing the Sencha Touch framework (iPhone JavaScript)

This framework allows to build web applications for iOS and Android based on devices with a native look and feel. It uses the new HTML5 standard, CSS3, and techniques such as AJAX, DHTML, and DOM scripting. By reading through this recipe, you’ll learn how to install it. Getting ready Sencha Touch is distributed based on […]

Installing the Apple Dashcode framework (iPhone JavaScript)

From the technical point of view, Dashcode is not a framework. However, it provides a tool with a set of components and utilities designed for building iOS web applications. This is the reason for talking about it in this topic. In this recipe, we’ll see how to install this development tool designed by Apple. Getting […]

Creating a toolbar (Building Interfaces) (iPhone JavaScript)

Introduction The graphical user interface, also knows as the GUI, is one of the most important components of modern software applications. It allows users to interact with the software through visual elements called widgets. Desktop and web applications use common elements such as buttons, labels, text inputs, checkboxes, and menus. However, the applications designed to […]

Modifying the default status bar (Building Interfaces) (iPhone JavaScript)

If you take a look at the application running in your iPhone device, you’ll see a small, thin, and light gray bar at the top of the screen. This is the status bar and it shows information, such as the current time, the status of the battery, and the name of the carrier. In this […]