A PETROLEUM PRODUCT DIESEL FUEL REFINED FROM OIL Diesel is a petroleum fuel that contains energy. At refineries, crude oil is separated into different fuels including gasoline, jet fuel/kerosene, lubricating oil, heating oil, and diesel. Heating oil and diesel fuel are closely related products. The main difference between the two fuels is that diesel fuel […]

Famous People in Energy

Isaac Newton (1642) Isaac Newton was born in 1642 in England. His father had died two months before his birth. When Isaac was three his mother remarried, and Isaac remained with his grandmother. He was not interested in the family farm. Isaac was born just a short time after the death of Galileo, one of […]


Energy Generation and Flow This is ultimately limited by some basic physics, some of which we understand (Thermodynamics) and some of which we don’t (Chaos). Even though a system may appear to be very simple, the behavior of that system might be chaotic. The elements of this theory are hard to describe but some neutrally […]

Alternative Energy

How will potential lost power be compensated for? • energy conservation? • sale of hydro to the US by Canada? • Coal-fired plants? • wind? • solar? • nukes? Total Energy Usage Our total energy use can be divided into three principal areas each of which consume approximately equal amounts of energy on an annual […]

Tidal Energy

Energy extracted proportional to the volume of water and the temperature it drops. Principal energy loss is when the warmer water meets the cooler water in the condenser. Review of OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) • Thermal gradients of greater than 22 C can be exploited and used as a heat engine • Energy is […]

Electric Power Glossary