Dynamic Behavior of Materials

Strength and Failure Energy for Adhesive Interfaces as a Function of Loading Rate (Dynamic Behavior of Materials) Part 2

Dynamic Loading Rate Experiments A modified compressive SHPB setup was used to perform the dynamic loading rate experiments. The incident and transmission bars were both aluminum 7075 with a diameter of 31.8 mm (1.25 in) and length of 3.66 m (12 ft). The striker used was 0.41 m (16 in). Wave shaping was employed on […]

Fracture in Layered Plates having Property Mismatch across the Crack Front (Dynamic Behavior of Materials)

ABSTRACT Layered structures are used in protection systems such as personal and heavy armor, windshields and also in thermal barriers. Such materials have mismatch in the properties, both elastic and fracture, from layer to layer. The focus of this study is to understand the behavior of cracks in such systems, especially when the crack orientation […]

Stress Variations and Particle Movements during Penetration into Granular Materials (Dynamic Behavior of Materials)

ABSTRACT Granular materials such as sand are crushed and compacted locally when subjected to projectile penetration. It is necessary to obtain more diagnostic information during the experiment to develop a thorough understanding of the deformation mechanisms inside the target. In this study, we embedded piezoelectric film pressure gages at strategically distributed locations inside cylindrical sand […]

Sand Particle Breakage under High-Pressure and High-Rate Loading (Dynamic Behavior of Materials)

ABSTRACT Under intensive loading, either hydrostatic or dynamic shear, sand particles are broke up to smaller particles. In this study, we randomly embedded color-coated sand grains of five different initial sizes inside cylindrical sand specimens under dynamic tri-axial loading. The quasi-static pressure was varied from 25 to 150 MPa at 25 MPa intervals and then […]

Experimental and Numerical Study of Wave Propagation in Granular Media (Dynamic Behavior of Materials)

ABSTRACT One dimensional stress waves travelling in granular chains exhibit interesting characteristics such as filtering, tunability and wave mitigation because on the formation of solitary waves, and solitary wave trains, within them. An idealized one dimensional granular medium, consisting of a linear array of contacting spherical brass beads, was loaded dynamically in a modified split […]

Communication of Stresses by Chains of Grains in High-Speed Particulate Media Impacts (Dynamic Behavior of Materials)

ABSTRACT Right-circular (^ 15 mm x 26 mm) projectiles were fired vertically-downward (150-720 m/s) into acrylic containers (^ 80-190 mm) containing quartz Eglin sand. Decreasing container size increased projectile drag and decreased total penetration depth. Thus, the container is within the projectile’s event horizon for at least a portion of penetration path length and some […]

Effects of thermal treated on the dynamic facture properties using a semi-circular bend technique (Dynamic Behavior of Materials)

ABSTRACT Dynamic fracture toughness of Laurentian granite (LG) subjected to heat treatment was tested by means of a notched core-based semi-circular bend (SCB) specimen with a modified split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) apparatus. The samples for testing the fracture toughness were manufactured and heat treatment up to 850 °C according to the requirements of experiment. […]

Development and Characterization of a PU-PMMA Transparent Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (t-IPNs) (Dynamic Behavior of Materials)

ABSTRACT This paper presents our on-going efforts on development and characterization of transparent Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (t-IPNs) with polyurethane (PU) and poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) as constituents. The resulting molecular composite is a fully cross-linked IPN with PU as the tough phase and PMMA as the stiff phase. By varying the volume fraction of the stiff […]

Dynamic Ring-on-Ring Equibiaxial Flexural Strength of Borosilicate Glass (Dynamic Behavior of Materials)

ABSTRACT A novel dynamic ring-on-ring equibiaxial flexural testing technique with single pulse loading capability is established on a modified Kolsky bar. This technique is then utilized to investigate the loading-rate and surface-condition effects on the flexural strength of a borosilicate glass. Quasi-static and dynamic experiments are performed at loading rates ranging from 5×10-1 to 5×106 […]

Stress-Strain Response of PMMA as a Function of Strain-Rate and Temperature (Dynamic Behavior of Materials)

ABSTRACT The strain rate response of PMMA was investigated under uniaxial compression at room temperature at strain-rates ranging from 0.0001/sec to about 4300/sec. In addition, the temperature response of PMMA was investigated at strain-rates of 1/sec and 0.001/sec at temperatures ranging from 0°C to 115°C (below Tg). High rate experiments at room temperature (greater than […]