Doppler radar To Elapse (Aviation)

Doppler radarnoun radar which can distinguish between fixed and moving targets or provide ground speed and track information from an airborne installation Doppler VOR noun an adaptation of VOR to reduce errors caused by location dotnoun a small circular mark on paper o The highest point in a locality is marked by a dot with […]

Elastic To Entry (Aviation)

Elasticadjective flexible,easily returning to its original shape after being stretched or expanded o At low values of stress, if the plot of stress and strain is a straight line, this indicates that the material is elastic within this range. elasticitynoun the property of returning to an original form or state following deformation o Titanium falls […]

Entry point To Exercise (Aviation)

Entry pointnoun a position on the ground above which an aircraft entering a control zone crosses the boundary envelopverb to surround and cover o The atmosphere envelops the earth. envelopenoun 1. the set of limitations within which a technological system, especially an aircraft, can perform safely and effectively o The boundaries of flight envelopes vary […]

Exert To Fair (Aviation)

Exertverb □ to exert a force to put a force on something o Pressure is the force per unit area exerted by the atmosphere on a given surface area. □ to exert an influence to have an influence □ to exert pressure to put pressure onto something Exhaust‘ noun 1. the escape or release of […]

Fairing To Flight (Aviation)

Fairingnoun a device to improve the flow of air over a surface o There is a dorsal fairing at the base of the fin or vertical stabilizer. Wheel fairings, called spats, are fitted to light aircraft to reduce drag. i> spat, nacelle fairlyadverb moderately,rather, quite □ fairly high levels moderately high levels □ fairly simple […]

Flight attendant To Freight frequency (Aviation)

Flight attendantnoun a member of the flight crew who looks after passengers, serves food, etc. o If you need something, press the call button and a cabin attendant will respond within a few minutes. Also called cabin attendant flight bagnoun a bag used by flight crew to carry manuals, documents, headset, etc. flight-briefing room ru:m/ […]

Frequency bracket To Govern (Aviation)

Frequency bracket/ noun a range of frequencies o VHF communications are allocated the frequency bracket 118—137MHz. frequentadjective happening or appearing often o frequent inspection frictionnoun a force that resists the relative motion or tendency to such motion of two bodies in contact o Energy is converted to heat through friction. frontnoun 1. the forward part […]

Governor To Headphones (Aviation)

Governornoun a device for controlling or limiting the speed size or amount of something  Overspeeding of the engine is prevented by a governor in the fuel system. i> valve gphabbreviation gallons per hour GPS abbreviation global positioning system GPWS abbreviation ground proximity warning system GR abbreviation hail gradenoun 1. a position in a scale of […]

Headset To Ice crystal (Aviation)

Headsetnoun headphones with a microphone attached, used for RT communications o Headsets are usually used in preference to hand-held microphones. Head-up display noun a cockpit system where data from flight instruments is projected onto a screen or the windscreen so that the pilot can see it without having to look down. Abbreviation HUD headwindnoun a […]

Icing To Individual (Aviation)

Icingnoun a process by which part of the aircraft becomes covered in ice while in flight o Engine icing can be extremely hazardous to flight. o Airframe icing can be encountered in wave cloud. i anti-icing, de-icing idealadjective perfect, as good as can be expected or the best possible □ an ideal situation a very […]