Compensation To Congestion (Aviation)

Compensationtmp1E661_thumbnoun money paid to an individual or organization to replace or make up for physical or financial loss o The company paid out $2 million in compensation to the families of those who lost their lives in the tragedy. compilationtmp1E662_thumbnoun the putting together of suitable information o The manual is a compilation of materials used by each of the instructors.

compiletmp1E663_thumbverb to put together a number of pieces of information o Aviation routine weather reports are compiled half-hourly or hourly at fixed times.

complementtmp1E664_thumbverb to fit in with and improve the performance of something o Ultra-sonic detection is used to complement other methods of flaw detection.

complementarytmp1E665_thumbadjective the fact of fitting in with and improving the performance of something  SSR is complementary to the primary radars used by ATC.

completetmp1E666_thumbadjective 1.containing all the parts it should contain o The centre section can be constructed either as a complete unit or as two separate units. 2. absolute and total ■ verb 1. to finish or make whole o The number of revolutions for the crankshaft to complete a full cycle is always two. □ complete the work to continue until the work is finished 2. to fill in information □ complete the flight plan to fill in the required information in the flight plan

completiontmp1E667_thumbnoun the satisfactory finishing of a task o It is important to carry out an inspection of an aircraft after completion of de-icing operations.

complextmp1E668_thumb‘ adjective complicated and therefore possibly difficult to understand o Of all the pre-departure activities, route planning is one of the most complex. ■ noun 1. a whole made up of many different parts □ a cumulonimbus cloud complex a collection of cumulonimbus clouds forming a system 2. a building made up of many different parts □ the terminal three complex the main building and associated buildings which together make up terminal three complexitytmp1E669_thumbnoun the condition of being complex, or a complication o Up-to-date design does not necessarily mean structural complexity.

complicatetmp1E6610_thumbverb to make more difficult o Map reading is often complicated by seasonal variations.

complicatedtmp1E6611_thumbadjective not easy to understand

complicationtmp1E6612_thumbnoun a difficulty or problem o The complication with the Mercator’s projection is that great circle directions must be converted to rhumb line directions by the application of conversion angle before they can be plotted.

complytmp1E6613_thumbverb to be or do what is required by an instruction or law o Equipment and furnishings of modern jet transports must comply with safety regulations. o Passengers must comply with the no-smoking signs. (note: complying – complied) componenttmp1E6614_thumbnoun 1.a part of an aircraft, aircraft system or piece of equipment o The undercarriage is made up of a number of different components. 2. one part of a force such as wind which consists of a number of different parts 3. a substance which forms part of a compound composetmp1E6615_thumbverb to make something from a number of parts o The atmosphere is composed of a mixture of gases.

compositetmp1E6616_thumbadjective referring to something made up of a number of different parts composite material  The flight crew route flight plan is a composite document which serves as a navigation log. noun a lightweight but very strong man-made material used in aircraft manufacturing o To make a composite it is necessary to combine the reinforcing glass fibres with special glue or resin. (note: The word composite was originally an adjective, but through frequent usage the term composite material has been shortened to composite.) ‘Canadian Aerospace Group (CAG) is working with Pratt & Whitney Canada on a turboprop-powered version of its Wind eagle all-composite light aircraft’ [Flight International 16-22 July 1997] comment: Composites are used in the construction of many modern aircraft, from gliders to aircraft such as the Airbus A320, because they are strong and lighter than metals.

compositiontmp1E771_thumbnoun the make-up or structure of something □ composition of the atmosphere the combination of gases which make up the atmosphere

compoundtmp1E772_thumbadjective referring to something made up of two or more parts or substances ■ noun a substance made up of two or more components o A chemical compound has qualities that are different from those of the substances from which it is made. o Advances in sealing compounds have now made fuel tanks less liable to leaks.

compound wound generatortmp1E773_thumb

noun a generator which consists of a number of windings compresstmp1E774_thumbverb to put under pressure thereby reducing volume o Pressure is created when a fluid is compressed.

compressibilitytmp1E775_thumbnoun the natural ability of a substance to change volume when under varying pressures o In systems using very high pressure, the compressibility of the liquid becomes important.

compressibletmp1E776_thumbadjective referring to something that can be compressed o Air is compressible, but water is not.

compressiontmp1E777_thumbnoun an act or instance of putting pressure on something

compression stroketmp1E778_thumbtmp1E779_thumbnoun the stage of an internal combustion cycle when the fuel/air mixture comes under pressure from the upward-moving piston compressivetmp1E7710_thumbadjective referring to forces caused by pressure on a surface o A strut is designed to withstand compressive loads.

compressive loadtmp1E7711_thumb‘laud/ noun a load caused by forces acting in opposite directions towards each other

compressive stresstmp1E7712_thumbtmp1E7713_thumbnoun the resistance of a body to crushing by two forces acting towards each other along the same straight line compressortmp1E7714_thumbnoun a device such as a pump to compress air, in order to increase pressure o A shaft connects the turbine to the compressor. : axial

comprisetmp1E7715_thumbverb to be made of (note: The correct use of comprise is often disputed. Some people regard it as a synonym for the verb consist of, while others believe it should be used in an opposite sense: a tank, pipes, a filter, a pump and a carburettor comprise the fuel system. It is sometimes used in its passive form: the fuel system is comprised of a number of different parts.)

concentratetmp1E7716_thumbverb collect in a particular place rather than spread around o Most of the mass of air is concentrated at the lowest levels of the atmosphere. 2. to give attention and thought to something in particular o This chapter concentrates on charts. □ to concentrate hard to give all one’s thought and attention to something

concentrationtmp1E7717_thumbnoun 1. the fact of being collected in a particular place rather than spread around o The maximum concentration of ozone is between 20 and 25 km above the Earth’s surface. 2. the act of giving attention and thought to something  In

communicatetmp1E5014_thumb[1]verb to make contact with somebody in order to pass information o The cabin attendants should communicate with the captain.

communicationtmp1E5024_thumbtmp1E5034_thumbnoun the act of passing information to somebody usually, but not always, by using language o Two methods of communication are available to crew members — language and hand signals.

communication linktmp1E5044_thumbtmp1E5054_thumbnoun a telephone or radio connection, as between the ground crew and flight deck while an aircraft is preparing for departure

communicationstmp1E5064_thumbtmp1E5074_thumbplural noun a system of passing information o satellite communications o VHF communications are allocated the frequency bracket 118— 137MHz.

Abbreviation comms

commutatortmp1E5084_thumbnoun a device containing metal bars connected to the coils of a generator to produce electrical current o As the power output required is DC not AC, a commutator is fixed at one end of the armature.

compacttmp1E5094_thumbadjective small, close together, or not taking much space o The annular system, as used on modern aircraft, provides a compact system, and, for the same output and mass flow, a shorter system. ■ verb 1. to make smaller or more dense by pressing 2. to compress, by driving over with heavy machinery o When taxiing on grass, aircraft wheels compact the earth as the aircraft moves over it.

compactiontmp1E50104_thumbnoun the act of pressing things together to form one, or of compressing something to make it hard o The speed of impact when the aircraft passes through a snowstorm causes compaction of snow-flakes into a solid mass on leading edges and air-intakes.

comparabletmp1E50114_thumbadjective possible to compare equally with something else o Titanium is nonmagnetic and has an electrical resistance comparable to that of stainless steel.

comparatortmp1E50124_thumbnoun a device to compare two things o The autopilot comparator monitors the operation of the elevator and aileron channels.

comparetmp1E50134_thumbverb to find the similarities and dissimilarities between two or more things o When the chart is properly orientated, it is easier to compare the distance between landmarks on the ground with their corresponding distances on the chart. o An aneroid barometer is small compared with a mercury barometer. (note: Compare with is regarded by some as better usage than compare to.)

comparisontmp1E50144_thumbnoun a statement expressing the differences and similarities between two or more things o A table showing a comparison of fixed points on various temperature scales is given on page three.

compartmenttmp1E50154_thumbnoun a small space or area in a structure for a particular purpose o engine compartment □ crew compartment the area reserved for crew

compasstmp1E50164_thumbnoun an instrument usually with a magnetic needle which always points to the magnetic north

compass bearingtmp1E50174_thumbtmp1E50184_thumbnoun a direction or position relative to a fixed point measured in degrees on a compass

compatibilitytmp1E50194_thumbnoun the ability of a component to operate successfully with other components o Problems of compatibility caused the computerised system to malfunction.

compatibletmp1E50204_thumbadjective referring to a component or system which can be used with a different component or system without causing any problems o Computer software designed for one particular system may not be compatible with other systems.

compensatetmp1E50214_thumbverb make up for the loss of something  The floor covering may be designed to compensate for temperature

conductivetmp1E971_thumb‘ adjective referring to the ability of a substance to allow heat or electricity to pass through o Steel is a conductive material. Land masses are less conductive than water.

conductivitytmp1E972_thumbnoun the ability of a material to allow heat or electricity to pass through o Because of the poor conductivity of air, heat is transferred from the Earth’s surface upwards by convection.

conductortmp1E973_thumbnoun a substance through which heat or electricity can pass o Water and steel are good conductors.

conetmp1E974_thumbnoun a solid body with a base in the shape of a circle, and with sides which narrow to a point, or any object which has that shape configurationtmp1E975_thumbnoun the pattern or way in which things are arranged □ configuration of an aircraft’s fuel tank system the way in which the tanks are laid out confinetmp1E976_thumb/ verb 1. to limit to a particular area o Cooling is confined to the air in contact with the ground. o The damage was confined to a small area. 2. to limit to a given subject □ the report confines itself to the incident of 3rd January the report deliberately does not mention anything other than the incident of the 3rd January confinedtmp1E977_thumbadjective limited, small □ a confined space a small defined space which does not allow free movement

confirmtmp1E978_thumbverb to agree that something is correct, or to repeat it to remove any uncertainty o The attitude indicator shows that the aircraft is in a nose down attitude and the increasing airspeed confirms that the aircraft is not in level flight. o Can you confirm that the instructor was flying the aircraft at the time of the collision? o VHF and/or UHF radio aids confirm ADF bearings.

Comment: Cross-checking of certain flight instruments is used to confirm readings from other instruments, e.g. the airspeed indicator and vertical speed indicator confirm pitch information from the attitude indicator.

conformtmp1E979_thumbverb to correspond to required standards Fuels must conform to strict requirements. □ to conform to regulations to do what is required by rules and regulations conformaltmp1E9710_thumbadjective representing angles, bearings, etc., correctly o Lambert’s conformal projection

Congestiontmp1E9711_thumbnoun a situation where there are too many people or vehicles in a confined space for them to be able to move freely o When leaving the aircraft in an emergency, to avoid congestion, passengers should be directed to move away from exits quickly.

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