Anneal To Arrester (Aviation)

Annealtmp1BDD-18_thumbverb to heat and allow to cool slowly in order to strengthen o Sheet and plate magnesium are annealed at the rolling mill.

annotatetmp1BDD-19_thumbverb to add notes to an existing document, book, chart, etc. o He annotated his report after he was asked to give the exact time of the incident. Variation is annotated east or west according to the direction of change.

annotationtmp1BDD-20_thumbnoun the act of adding notes to a document, book, chart, etc., or the notes added

announcetmp1BF2-1_thumbverb to state something publicly or officially o British Airways announce the departure of flight BA152 to New York. announcementtmp1BF2-2_thumb noun a public statement o The captain made a public address (PA) system announcement asking passengers to remain seated.

annualtmp1BF2-3_thumbadjective 1. happening once a year □ annual inspection an inspection that happens once a year 2. over a period of one year o Overload operations should not exceed 5% of annual departures.

annulartmp1BF2-4_thumbadjective shaped like a ring

annunciationtmp1BF2-5_thumbnoun an announcement or indication on the annunciator panel □ failure annunciation signals on the annunciator panel indicating the failure of a system annunciatortmp1BF2-6_thumbnoun a device which gives off a sound or light to indicate which of several electrical circuits is active o An annunciator panel may contain a precise warning. anodetmp1BF2-7_thumbnoun a positive pole or electrode o The positive connector of a battery is usually called the anode and is indicated by the sign +. anodisetmp1BF2-8_thumbanodize verb to coat or cover by using electrolysis o Anti-corrosion treatment includes the anodizing of aluminium parts. anomaloustmp1BF2-9_thumbadjective referring to something unusual, unexpected or otherwise departing from what is the normal order or range □ an anomalous instrument reading an unusual instrument reading which may require further investigation anomalytmp1BF2-10_thumbnoun something unusual, unexpected or otherwise not within the normal order or range o Any anomalies in the localiser will be detected during calibration. anoxiatmp1BF2-11_thumbnoun a state in  which no oxygen reaches the body tissues, resulting in death. t> hypoxia

Comment: Anoxia is a complete lack of oxygen and can, of course, be fatal.

Hypoxia is a lack of sufficient oxygen, the symptoms of which are sometimes difficult to detect.

antennatmp1BF2-12_thumbnoun US same as aerial

anti-tmp1BF2-13_thumbprefix against, opposing anti-icing o anticlockwise o anti-corrosion

anticipatetmp1BF2-14_thumb‘ verb to realise what is likely happen and do what is necessary in readiness □ during take-offs, pilots should anticipate an engine failure pilots should think ahead and be ready to act immediately if an engine fails during take-off anticipationtmp1BF2-15_thumbnoun a state in which you realise what is likely to happen and do what is necessary in readiness

anticipation of landmarkstmp1BF2-16_thumb tmp1BF2-17_thumbnoun the action of watching out for landmarks, which you know from flight planning should be visible at a particular stage of a flight

anticlockwisetmp1BF2-18_thumb adjective, adverb referring to a circular movement in the opposite direction to the hands of a clock o Turn the nut anticlockwise to loosen it. Opposite clockwise

anti-collisiontmp1BF2-19_thumb adjective helping to prevent collisions anti-collision lighttmp1BF2-20_thumb tmp1BF2-21_thumbnoun a flashing white light on an aircraft

anti-corrosiontmp1BF2-22_thumb adjective protecting against corrosion, especially rust o an anti-corrosion treatment

anticyclonetmp1BF2-23_thumbnoun an area of high atmospheric pressure, usually associated with fine dry weather in summer and fog in winter o Winds circulate round an anticyclone clockwise in the northern hemisphere and anticlockwise in the southern hemisphere.

anti-icingtmp1BF2-24_thumbadjective preventing icing o anti-icing additive

anti-icing fluidtmp1BF2-25_thumb noun a fluid which prevents icing

anti-skidtmp1C0C-1_thumbadjective designed to prevent skidding anviltmp1C0C-2_thumbnoun a metal block which ends in a point, has a rounded bottom and a flat top, and on which horseshoes, etc., are made o A cumulonimbus cloud has a characteristic anvil shape.

anvil cloudtmp1C0C-3_thumbnoun a cloud, usually a large dark thundercloud, which has the shape of an anvil  A/P abbreviation 1. airport 2. autopilot

aparttmp1C0C-4_thumbadverb separated from one another o The jets were only 200 feet apart, vertically.

aperturetmp1C0C-5_thumbnoun an opening  Any aperture or cut-out in the fuselage structure must be specially strengthened.

APHAZ abbreviation aircraft proximity hazard

APP abbreviation 1. approach 2. approach control

apparenttmp1C0C-6_thumbadjective 1. obvious, clear o It became apparent that carbon monoxide was entering the cabin. □ from the above, it will be apparent that … from the above, it will be clear that … 2. seeming or appearing to be o an apparent failure of the system o The ILS showed an apparent deflection to the right. appeartmp1C0C-7_thumbverb 1. to come into view o Another aircraft appeared on the radar screen. 2. to seem to be o Although air may appear to be still, it is in fact, moving.

appearancetmp1C0C-8_thumbnoun 1. an instance of being seen or coming into view o The appearance of the passenger on the flight deck surprised the crew. 2. the way something looks o It may be difficult to recognise a particular stretch of coast in an area simply by its appearance.

applicationtmp1C0C-11_thumbnoun 1. a formal request, often on paper, for employment □ application form a form to be filled out by a person looking for a job, and sent back to the organisation offering the job 2. the act of putting a substance onto something □ the application of a coat of paint the covering of something with a coat of paint 3. the act of using something, e.g. an ability, to carry out a task o When an accident occurs, the application of knowledge and skills is important.

applytmp1C0C-12_thumbverb 1. □ to apply for a job to formally ask for employment o He applied for the post of chief engineer but was not successful. 2. to put on o to apply a coat of paint o Apply a plaster to the skin. 3. to use something to carry out a task o Apply the same method as in the example. 4. to be relevant or relate to o The rules which apply to the measurement of wind velocities on isobaric charts apply equally to contour charts. (note: applying – applied)

appreciabletmp1C0C-13_thumbadjective 1. possible to measure o Appreciable weakening may be permitted without risk of failure. 2. considerable, large in size or amount □ there is an appreciable difference between statute miles and nautical miles there is a big difference between statute miles and nautical miles

appreciatetmp1C0C-14_thumbverb 1. to understand or recognise the importance or significance of something o The map reader is in a position to appreciate the relative values of the features seen on the ground. 2. to increase in value o The value of the building has appreciated by 100% in 10years. Opposite depreciate 3. to be thankful or grateful for something o The student appreciated the extra help given by the instructor.

appreciationtmp1C0C-15_thumbnoun 1. understanding o It is essential to have an appreciation of the basic gas laws. 2. an increase in value o There has been an appreciation of 100% in the value of the building in 10years. Opposite depreciation 3. thankfulness, gratitude o After gaining her private pilot’s licence, the newly-qualified pilot showed her appreciation by sending a letter of thanks to her instructor.

approachtmp1C1C-1_thumbnoun 1. a path towards something o The approach to the terminal was blocked by an overturned lorry. 2. the descent of an aircraft towards the place where it intends to land. Abbreviation APP 3. a way of achieving or doing something □ to take a different approach to a situation to deal with or to manage a situation in a different way  verb 1. to move nearer in place or time to something o The aircraft is approaching a danger area. □ nightfall is approaching it will soon be dark 2. to have a particular mental attitude towards something o He approaches his studies with great enthusiasm. 3. to speak to or get in touch with somebody o You must approach the chief flying instructor regarding your requestfor a week’s holiday.

approach controltmp1C1C-2_thumbnoun a control station in an air traffic control centre that guides an aircraft while it is making its approach approachmonitoring aidtmp1C1C-3_thumb tmp1C1C-4_thumbnoun an instrument or system that helps an air traffic controller to track the position and movements of an aircraft during its approach. Abbreviation AMA approach pathtmp1C1C-5_thumb noun the course taken by the aircraft in preparation for landing approach plate noun a document issued by an aviation authority which provides detailed information about how to land at a given airport in very poor visibility

approach to landtmp1C1C-6_thumb tmp1C1C-7_thumbnoun the final stage of the flight when the aircraft is manoeuvred into position, relative to the landing area, in preparation for landing o on the approach to land, the aircraft reduces speed and height

appropriatetmp1C1C-8_thumbadjective suitable or needed □ appropriate action the action that is needed to deal with the situation

appropriatelytmp1C1C-9_thumb adverb in a way that it is suitable or necessary □ to adjust the mixture appropriately to adjust the mixture to suit the conditions

approvaltmp1C1C-10_thumbnoun permission or agreement □ with the captain’s approval with the permission of the captain □ to meet with the approval to be approved by o The management’s plans for restructuring the airline met with the approval of the shareholders. approvetmp1C1C-11_thumbverb 1. to allow or agree to something o The air traffic controller approved the emergency landing. 2. □ to approve of to believe something to be right or good o Nearly everybody approved of the new colour scheme for the furnishings. □ he doesn’t approve of women being airline pilots he believes that it is wrong for women to be airline pilots approxtmp1C1C-12_thumbsame as approximate, approximately approximate adjectivetmp1C1C-13_thumb tmp1C1C-14_thumbnot exact, around or about □ an approximate distance of 60 nm about 60 nautical miles ■ verbtmp1C1C-15_thumb tmp1C1C-16_thumbto be close to, to be around (note: Approximate can be shortened to approx or APRX (ICAO).) approximatelytmp1C1C-17_thumb adverb not exactly, around or about o Approximately 2,000people work in the airport. (note: Approximately can be shortened to approx or APRX (ICAO).) approximationtmp1C1C-18_thumb noun a calculation which is not exact but near enough, a rough estimate □ an approximation of aircraft height a rough estimate of aircraft height aprontmp1C1C-19_thumbnoun an area of tarmac, concrete, etc., outside a hangar for parking aircraft (note: The US term is ramp.)

APRX abbreviation (ICAO) 1. approximate 2. approximately

APU abbreviation auxiliary power unit aquaplaningtmp1C30-1_thumbnoun sliding in an uncontrolled way over a thin layer of water on the runway o Aquaplaning is caused by a layer of water between the tyre and the runway. arbitrarytmp1C30-2_thumbadjective decided by chance rather than by careful logical thought, happening without planning or at random o The statute mile is an arbitrary unit of measurement. (note: The nautical mile is not an arbitrary unit: it is based on calculations which have a wider use. See arc.) arctmp1C30-3_thumbnoun part of the circumference of a circle o A nautical mile is the length of an arc on the Earth’s surface subtended by an angle of one minute at the centre of the Earth. ■ verb to jump across a gap o The spark arcs from one electrode to another. o The condenser prevents spark plugs from arcing. i> gap Arctictmp1C30-4_thumbadjective referring to the area around the North Pole □ cold Arctic air cold air from the Arctic □ the Arctic Circle a parallel running round the Earth at latitude 66°32N, to the north of which lies the Arctic region ■ noun □ the Arctic the area of the Earth’s surface around the North Pole, north of the Arctic Circle o The aircraft flew over the Arctic. areatmp1C30-5_thumbnoun 1. a defined part of a surface 2. a region □ area forecasts a weather forecast for a region rather than, e.g., an aerodrome area control servicetmp1C30-6_thumb

tmp1C30-7_thumbnoun a unit that provides air traffic control services to flights within the area for which it is responsible

area navigationtmp1C30-8_thumb tmp1C30-9_thumba method of navigation that permits aircraft to operate on any desired flight path within the area covered by ground-based navigational aids, self-contained navigational aids or a combination of the two.

Abbreviation RNAV

argumenttmp1C30-10_thumb‘ noun 1. a factor o QNH is the pressure at station level reduced to sea level using arguments of station height and an international standard atmosphere. 2. a verbal disagreement □ to have an argument to disagree openly and verbally with somebody o The investigation revealed that there had been an argument between the commander and the copilot about the advisability of continuing with the final approach to land. 3. a reason o One of the arguments in favour of building the new terminal is the increase in opportunities of employment for the local residents.

Arrestertmp1C41-1_thumbnoun a device or substance which prevents or stops something from happening arrivaltmp1C41-2_thumbnoun the act of reaching somewhere. Abbreviation ARR □ Gulf Air announce the arrival of flight GF147 from Abu Dhabi flight GF147 from Abu Dhabi has just landed

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