Aerial display To Air-cooled (Aviation)

Aerial displaytmp1AF4-14_thumbnoun a display of flying skills and aircraft performance

aerial photographytmp1AF4-15_thumb tmp1AF4-16_thumbnoun photography done from an aircraft in the air aero-tmp1AF4-17_thumbprefix 1. referring to the air aerodynamic 2. referring to aircraft o aero-engine o aero-tow aerobatictmp1AF4-18_thumbadjective referring to aerobatics o Loops and rolls are aerobatic manoeuvres.

aerobatic aircrafttmp1AF4-19_thumbtmp1AF4-20_thumbnoun an aircraft which is designed to perform aerobatics comment: One of the most famous competition aerobatic aircraft is the Pitts Special which first flew in 1944.

aerobatic displaytmp1AF4-21_thumb tmp1AF4-22_thumbnoun a demonstration, often public, of piloting skill and aircraft performance

aerobaticstmp1AF4-23_thumbnoun the art of performing spectacular controlled movements in a flying aircraft for the purposes of entertainment or competition o The Russian pilot gave a great display of aerobatics.

aerobatic teamtmp1AF4-24_thumb noun a team of pilots and aircraft who perform aerobatics

aerodrometmp1AF4-25_thumbnoun any area of land or water designed for the taking off and landing of aircraft o Airports and military air bases or stations are types of aerodrome. o All aerodromes are marked on charts. Abbreviation A/D □ disused aerodrome an aerodrome which is no longer in use for the purpose of taking off and landing aeroplanes

Aerodromeboundaries tmp1AF4-26_thumb‘ plural noun the physical or geographical limits of an aerodrome aerodrome circuittmp1B0F-1_thumb tmp1B0F-2_thumbnoun the pattern and direction of aircraft movement in the air around the aerodrome aerodrome QFEtmp1B0F-3_thumb tmp1B0F-4_thumbnoun the barometric pressure setting at which the altimeter reads zero when the aircraft is on the runway aerodrome QNtmp1B0F-5_thumb tmp1B0F-6_thumbnoun the barometric pressure setting at which the altimeter reads aerodrome elevation when the aircraft is on the runway aerodrome surveillance monitoring indicatortmp1B0F-7_thumb tmp1B0F-8_thumb noun same as airport surface detection equipment

aerodrome traffic zone tmp1B0F-9_thumbnoun an area of protected airspace around an aerodrome, which pilots need permission to enter or to move in. Abbreviation ATZ aerodynamictmp1B0F-10_thumb adjective 1. referring to the way in which objects are affected when they move through the atmosphere 2. referring to a smooth rounded shape which moves easily through the air □ aerodynamicm design a streamlined shape that enables something to move easily through the air aerodynamic brakingtmp1B0F-11_thumb

tmp1B0F-12_thumbnoun the braking effect of drag aerodynamic forcestmp1B0F-13_thumb tmp1B0F-14_thumbnoun the forces of the air which act on an aircraft in flight

aerodynamic resistancetmp1B0F-15_thumb tmp1B0F-16_thumbnoun same as drag

aerodynamicstmp1B0F-17_thumb noun the science that deals with the interaction of moving objects with the atmosphere o Aerodynamics is one of the major areas of study for a trainee pilot.

aerodynetmp1B0F-18_thumbnoun an air craft that is heavier than air and whose lift in flight results from forces caused by its motion through the air, e.g. a plane or helicopter

aero-enginetmp1B0F-19_thumbnoun an engine used in aircraft o Most piston aero-engines are cooled by air. aerofoiltmp1B0F-20_thumbnoun a surface which is shaped to produce more lift than drag when moved through the air o Wings, ailerons, elevators, fins and propellers are all examples of aerofoils. (note: The US English word is airfoil.) aeronauticaltmp1B0F-21_thumb adjective referring to aeronautics aeronautical charttmp1B0F-22_thumb tmp1B0F-23_thumbnoun a map used in air navigation which may include topographic features, hazards and obstructions, navigational aids and routes, designated airspace and airports

aeronautical engineer tmp1B0F-24_thumbnoun an engineer who specialises in the design of aircraft

aeronauticalengineering tmp1B0F-25_thumbnoun the science or study of the design of aircraft

aeronautical fixed servicetmp1B0F-26_thumbnoun a radio communications service between fixed points that is designed to enable aircraft to travel safely.

Abbreviation AFS

aeronautical fixed telecommunication networktmp1B0F-27_thumb

tmp1B0F-28_thumb noun a ground-based network of teleprinters that transmits flight plans and similar data between control centres. Abbreviation AFTN aeronautical information circulartmp1B0F-29_thumb

tmp1B0F-30_thumbnoun a notice issued by an aviation authority in which information is given about administrative, technical, safety or operational matters Aeronautical Information Publication noun a document issued by a state in which information is given about aviation in that country.

Abbreviation AIP

aeronauticstmp1B0F-31_thumbnoun 1. the science of aircraft design, construction and operation 2. the theory and practice of aircraft navigation

aeroneurosistmp1B2F-1_thumb noun anxiety and fatigue in airline pilots as a result of long periods of flying

aeroplanetmp1B2F-2_thumbnoun a power-driven, heavier-than-air craft with fixed wings (note: Many people use the words aeroplane and aircraft as if they had exactly the same meaning. However, aeroplanes, hot-air balloons, helicopters, airships and gliders are all aircraft. The US English is airplane.)

Aeroplane performance

tmp1B2F-3_thumbnoun a description in figures of what a plane can do, including, e.g., its speed, rate of climb, and the length of its take-off run

aerostattmp1B2F-4_thumbnoun a hot-air or gas-filled aircraft, e.g. an airship or balloon

aero-towtmp1B2F-5_thumbnoun a tech nique of using a powered aircraft to pull a glider into the air o An aero-tow to 2,000feet costs $25.

AFCS abbreviation automatic flight control system

AFDS abbreviation autopilot flight director system

affecttmp1B2F-6_thumbverb to have an influence on something, or cause a change in something o Humidity and air density are factors which affect the output of the engine. Compare effect

AFI abbreviation assistant flying instructor

AFIC abbreviation assistant flying instructor course

AFIS abbreviation aerodrome flight information service

AFS abbreviation aeronautical fixed service

afttmp1B2F-7_thumbadjective towards the rear part of the aircraft The rear part of the fuselage is called the aft section. □ aft cabin the passenger compartment at the back of the aircraft  adverb rearwards or backwards □ to move the control column aft to move the control column backwards. Opposite fore, forward

aftertmp1B2F-8_thumbadjective positioned closer to the rear of an aircraft adverb closer to the rear of an aircraft afterburnertmp1B2F-9_thumbnoun a system that injects fuel into the hot exhaust gases of a jet engine in order to increase thrust

AFTN abbreviation aeronautical fixed telecommunication network agenttmp1B2F-10_thumbnoun 1. a chemical substance which causes a change o If de-icing fluid is used as an anti-icing agent it should be sprayed onto the aircraft before the onset of icing. □ extinguishing agent a substance used to put out fires 2. a person who represents a company or arranges something for a company o the agent for British Airways o a travel agent aggregatetmp1B2F-11_thumbnoun the total obtained by adding o The aggregate of the capacity of all the fuel tanks is 50 gallons. ■ verb to add or come together to form a mass or total o Ice crystals aggregate to form snowflakes. AGL abbreviation above ground level agreetmp1B2F-12_thumbverb 1. to have the same

idea or opinion about something o The crew agreed with the findings of the investigation. 2. to come to an understanding o After hours of discussion, the cabin staff agreed to call off the planned strike.

agreedtmp1B2F-13_thumbadjective generally

accepted  The millibar is an agreed unit of pressure.

agreementtmp1B2F-14_thumbnoun 1. the state of having the same idea or opinion as somebody □ we are in agreement we agree 2. a document in which the things that two or more people or organisations have agreed to do are written down o Regional Air Navigation Agreements

aheadtmp1B2F-15_thumbadverb in front □ look ahead look some distance in front of you □ straight ahead directly in front ahead of /a’hed av/ preposition 1. in front of o Air ahead of a cold front is warmer than air behind a cold front. 2. in advance of or at an earlier time than o The flight from Paris arrived 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

AHRS noun a sensor which provides information on the pitch, bank and heading of an aircraft. Full form attitude heading reference system AI abbreviation attitude indicator AIAA abbreviation area of intense air activity

AIC abbreviation aeronautical information circular

aidtmp1B3F-1_thumbnoun something which helps somebody do something verb to help o Computers can aid students in their studies.

AIDStmp1B3F-2_thumbabbreviation 1. airborne integrated data system 2. aircraft integrated data system

ailerontmp1B3F-3_thumbnoun a horizontal control surface hinged to the main-plane, which enables an aeroplane to bank or roll o By rotating the yoke the ailerons are moved and the aircraft rolls into a turn. (note: The word comes from the French ‘aile’, meaning ‘wing’.) aimtmp1B3F-4_thumbnoun a goal or objective o A 100% safe operation is the aim of all airline companies. verb to intend or to try to do something □ we aim to succeed we intend to succeed AIP abbreviation Aeronautical Information Publication

airtmp1B3F-5_thumbnoun the mixture of gases which forms the Earth’s atmosphere o Air enters the cabin through an inlet. AIRAC abbreviation aeronautical information regulation and control Air Accident Investigation Branchtmp1B3F-6_thumb tmp1B3F-7_thumbnoun the department of the CAA of the United Kingdom responsible for establishing the cause of accidents. Abbreviation AAIB airbornetmp1B3F-8_thumbadjective lifted and kept in the air by aerodynamic forces o Shortly after the aircraft becomes airborne, the undercarriage is retracted.

airborne installationtmp1B3F-9_thumb tmp1B3F-10_thumbnoun a radio device in an aircraft which operates in conjunction with a ground installation o The airborne installation comprises an antenna, receiver and indicator(s).

airborne weather radartmp1B3F-11_thumb tmp1B3F-12_thumbnoun a radar installation in an aircraft to give the flight crew information about the weather along their route. Abbreviation AWR air-breathing enginetmp1B3F-13_thumb tmp1B3F-14_thumban engine that burns a mixture of liquid fuel and air (note: There are four types of air-breathing engine: turbo jet, turbo prop, turbofan and ramjet.) air bridgetmp1B3F-15_thumb‘ noun a link provided by aircraft that carry people and supplies between two places, especially in situations where travel by land is not possible

Airbustmp1B3F-16_thumba trademark for a large passenger jet aircraft manufactured by aerospace companies from different European countries working together

air conditionertmp1B3F-17_thumb noun a device which filters and cools the air in a room or in an aircraft o In order to obtain maximum engine power, the air conditioner should be switched off for takeff.

air conditioningtmp1B3F-18_thumb noun a system for controlling the temperature of the air in a building or in an aircraft

Air-cooledtmp1B3F-19_thumbadjective cooled by means of a flow of air □ air-cooled engines piston aero-engines cooled by air, not water air corridortmp1B3F-20_thumbnoun a route that aircraft must take through an area in which flying is restricted aircrafttmp1B3F-21_thumbnoun a machine that is able to travel through the air Aeroplanes, gliders, balloons, airships, helicopters, etc., are all aircraft. Abbreviation ACFT (note: Aircraft has no plural form.)

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