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Rapid Indoor Data Acquisition Technique
for Indoor Building Surveying
for Cadastre Application
Ali Jamali, Pawel Boguslawski, Christopher M. Gold
and Alias Abdul Rahman
Abstract 2D cadastre has been in existence for decades and most countries have
found it convenient. However, in complex situations it has been found to be inade-
quate as ownership becomes difficult to realise. 3D cadastre data was previously not
being collected, thus, making such data even more difficult to realise. 3D data collec-
tion for 3D cadastre is one of the main issues for practicing surveyors. Several ways
of obtaining 3D data exist namely, traditional surveying, terrestrial laser scanning
and from Computer Aided Design (CAD) sources. Various data sources have differ-
ent data structure and a generalized data structure for 3D cadastre hardly reported.
A simple and rapid method for indoor data acquisition is proposed. This seeks to
determine if the dual half edge data structure is suitable for 3D cadastre. The dual half
edge data structure is applied within a graphical user interface. The concept for indoor
surveying or data acquisition within the LA_SpatialUnit of the Land Administration
Domain Model (LADM) is presented and proposed. Results show inconsistency of
Trimble LaserAce 1000 for distance below 5 m with wide and narrow angle of meas-
urement in indoor environment.
Keywords  Indoor surveying • 3D data models • LADM • Cadastre
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