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Upscaling Flow Properties
To upscale flow properties means to estimate large-scale flow behaviour
from smaller-scale measurements. Typically, we start with a few
measurements of rock samples (lengthscale ~3 cm) and some records of
flow rates and pressures in test wells (~100 m). Our challenge is to
estimate how the whole reservoir will flow (~1 km).
Flow properties of rocks vary enormously over a wide range of length-
scales, and estimating upscaled flow properties can be quite a challenge.
Unfortunately, many reservoir modellers choose to overlook this problem
and blindly hope that a few measurements will correctly represent the
whole reservoir. The aim of this chapter is to help make intelligent
estimates of large-scale flow properties. In the words of Albert Einstein:
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure
about the universe.
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