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Definition 3 (A Suspicious License Plate, SLP ).
A license plate LP is deemed to be suspicious if it only occurs in a single
camera ca i and does not emerge in its n
1 neighbors CA =
ca 1 ,ca 2 , ..., ca n− 1 }
Otherwise, it should be captured by the neighboring cameras of ca i with high
probability. We claim that LP is a suspicious plate, and the probability that it is
incorrectly recognized can also be lower bounded by:
n− 1
Pr ( SLP )
p i
p j )
j =1
Here, p i indicates the precision of the camera ca i ∈ CA .
Definition 4 ( k -degree Neighbors of a Camera).
The vast cameras deployed all over the city can be modeled as a directed graph
G =
,here V = CA is the set of all cameras, and E denotes the road
between cameras. For any two cameras ca i ,ca j ,and ca i ,ca j
V ,if ca i
is con-
nected to ca j directly by roads without crossing another ca k ,
E .For
a ca i ,its k -degree neighbors are those cameras from which it takes k hops to
camera ca i , plus those cameras to which it takes k hops from camera ca i .Es-
pecially, 0-degree stands for current camera itself. Formally, k -degree neighbors
Nb k ( ca i ) of camera ca i can be defined as follows:
ca i ,ca j
Nb k ( ca i )= {ca j | <ca i ,ca j >∈ E∨ <ca j ,ca i >∈ E} , k =1
{ca j | ( <ca k ,ca j >∈ E∨ <ca j ,ca k >∈ E ) ∧ ca k ∈ Nb k− 1 ( ca i ) } ,k> 1
Fig. 2. k -degree neighbors of node A
Fig. 2 is an abstract view of roads and cameras in urban area. In Fig. 2, the
nodes stand for cameras and the links stand for roads. The number k in nodes
stands for k -degree of node A. For example, there are 4, 6, 4 points corresponding
to 1,2,3-degree neighbors respectively.
3.2 A Heuristic License Plate Correction Method
A Heuristic License Plate Correction Method Framework. As a formal
specification of the method has been introduced at the beginning of Section 3,
an overview of HelpMe framework is depicted in Fig. 3.
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