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2. Click Select Backup Disk.
A dialog appears ( Figure 8 ), listing all volumes eligible to be a
destination disk and the amount of free space on each.
Figure 8: Available local and network volumes appear in this
window; select the one you want to use and click Use Disk.
3. Select a volume, and click Use Disk. (If the volume you're looking
for isn't there, read Find Missing Volumes , ahead. If you're using
a Time Capsule for the very first time, select Set Up Other Time
Capsule, click Open AirPort Utility, and follow the instructions.)
4. Starting with Mountain Lion, you can select more than one
destination; if you do, Time Machine alternates destinations with
each hourly run. To pick another destination, click Select Backup
Disk again, select another disk, and click Use Disk. You'll be
prompted to choose whether you want to replace the previous
backup disk or back up to both disks. Click Use Both. (To add
still more destinations, scroll down in the list of destinations and
click Add or Remove Backup Disk. If you select more than two
destination disks, you won't be asked again whether you want to
replace the existing destination.)
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