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Figure 15: Unlike SuperDuper, Carbon Copy Cloner labels its plain-
English explanation ”What is going to happen” instead of “What's
going to happen?”. Completely different.
3. From the Handling of Data Already on the Destination pop-up
menu, choose Delete Anything That Doesn't Exist on the Source.
4. Click Clone, enter your administrator password, and click OK to
make an immediate duplicate. Then wait—it'll take a while.
After the initial duplicate is finished, continue with the following
steps to set up a scheduled update:
5. Click Schedule This Task. Select when you want the task to run;
I suggest choosing On a Weekly Basis (if not more frequent) from
the Run This Task pop-up menu, and selecting a day and time when
your Mac won't be busy.
6. Click Save; you can then quit Carbon Copy Cloner.
At the scheduled times, Carbon Copy Cloner updates your duplicate.
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