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Create a Duplicate with Carbon Copy Cloner
Carbon Copy Cloner was one of the first tools available for creating
a bootable duplicate of a Mac OS X volume, and it has undergone
numerous revisions since then. Although it was once freeware, it now
costs $39.95.
Although it was originally designed only for creating bootable
duplicates, Carbon Copy Cloner has gradually added more features;
it now also optionally creates versioned backups. In fact, in the course
of creating a bootable duplicate, it can move any outdated or deleted
files safely aside on the destination disk—meaning the duplicate
actually contains extra data, but that's fine because the archived
versions of old files won't prevent booting or normal operation. Carbon
Copy Cloner now has several other safety features too, which can
protect you from the consequences of accidental file deletion.
In the instructions that follow, I deliberately avoid most of these safety
features, and instead show you how to create a standard, run-of-the-
mill duplicate that's a true clone of the source volume. Consult the
documentation that comes with Carbon Copy Cloner to learn about
other ways of using the software to back up your disk.
To create a duplicate with Carbon Copy Cloner, follow these steps:
1. Launch Carbon Copy Cloner.
2. In Carbon Copy Cloner ( Figure 15 ), Choose your internal disk
from the Source pop-up menu on the left and the disk or partition
set aside for duplicates on your external disk from the Destination
pop-up menu on the right.
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