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Figure 14: The SuperDuper window asks you for just a few pieces of
information, and explains what will happen in plain English.
3. From the Using pop-up menu, choose Backup - All Files.
4. Click Options. In the General view, from the During Copy pop-up
menu, choose Smart Update Destination from Source . Click OK.
5. To make a duplicate immediately, click Copy Now; click Copy
to confirm that you really want to do this. Or, to schedule this
duplicate to occur on a schedule, click Schedule. Select the day(s),
week(s), and time to run the schedule—I recommend at least one
day per week but preferably once a day, at a time when you aren't
actively using the Mac. Click OK.
Immediately or on the schedule you selected, SuperDuper duplicates
your internal drive to your external drive.
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