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Figure 5.1 The Project Library window.
To begin editing, you need to first open up the Project in the Timeline so that you can add clips. A Project is ba-
sically a repository for the edit decisions that you make and can consist of a single scene, a sequence, or an en-
tire movie, and how you use Projects is entirely up to you. For Pranks, you'll create a Project for each of the six
sequences that make up the movie, and these sequences will be combined into a complete edit at the end.
To open a Project in the Timeline, double-click a Project in the Project Library.
When the Timeline is the active window, the Viewer displays the edited clips and you can play and skim over
them as normal. You can manually drag the playhead over the Timeline's duration ruler with the cursor, which
has the same effect as skimming, only without the audio.
Creating new Projects
Before creating a new Project, select a drive listed in the Project Library on which to store your new Project. If
the selected drive contains no other Projects, a Create New Project icon is displayed in the Project Library.
To create a new Project, click the Create New Project icon in the Project Library (see Figure 5.2), click the plus
sign below the Project Library, choose File New Project, or just press +N.
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