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created, you can re-import the media into future Projects without having to go through real-time tape capture
again. It's also a great way to back up your footage.
iMovie Projects
If you previously used iMovie to edit your movies, you can import individual Projects and continue working on
them in Final Cut Pro.
To bring in an iMovie Project into Final Cut Pro:
1. Choose File Import iMovie Project.
2. Navigate to the Project file that you want to import, and click Import.
Final Cut Pro imports the edited iMovie timeline and any Events and clips that are associated with it into Final
Cut Pro.
To have all your iMovie Events available in Final Cut Pro, choose File Import iMovie Event Library and
click OK. An alert message informs you that any previously imported iMovie Events are ignored and only
iMovie Events unavailable to Final Cut Pro are imported. Click OK to continue. The size of your iMovie library
determines how long the import process takes. Once the import is complete, all the clips and Events created in
iMovie are available for use inside Final Cut Pro's Event Library.
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