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Figure 16.9 A job in the Batch window with four targets.
Preset settings and destinations are available from the Settings and Destinations windows below the Batch win-
dow (see Figure 16.10) and can be applied to a source media file by dragging a preset onto a job. These are the
same presets that can be accessed from within Final Cut Pro when using the Export Using Compressor Settings
menu. To change a job's setting or destination, Control-click the relevant area on the target and choose a new
option from the shortcut menu. Settings and destinations can be modified inside the Inspector, which is a
context-sensitive window that displays the currently selected target or preset. This is where you can really get
under the hood to tweak the file format settings, transcode to a different frame rate, or crop and resize your me-
dia. Compressor also includes a split-screen preview window that displays the source media file in both its ori-
ginal and encoded versions for a side-by-side comparison.
Figure 16.10 A selection of presets available from the Settings window.
With your Batch created, you can send the jobs to be encoded by clicking the Submit button. This opens a dia-
log box, allowing you to name the batch. Once the batch has been named, click the Submit button again to be-
gin encoding. You can monitor the progress of any batches that are encoding in the History window (see Figure
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