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duces a lower-quality video image. There's also an Advanced button, which gives you background render-
ing options, which enables you to keep working in Final Cut Pro during export, the ability to send the pro-
ject to Compressor, and a Summary button, which provides details of your output files. (For more on Com-
pressor, see “Exporting with Compressor,” later in this chapter.)
6. Once you've selected your settings, click the Share button to complete the process.
Creating DVD and Blu-ray discs
Final Cut Pro lets you burn your project to a standard-definition DVD or a high-definition Blu-ray disc. Burning
to Blu-ray requires that you have a dedicated Blu-ray burner connected to your Mac, because Apple doesn't cur-
rently support this format.
Both formats have similar settings and follow the same procedure, with just a few minor differences.
With your project opened in the Timeline or selected in the Project Library, choose Share DVD. A dialog box
opens with your Mac's drive listed in the Output Device pop-up menu (see Figure 16.5). If you have an external
DVD burner connected to your Mac, you'll also be able to select it from the same pop-up menu and use it to
burn the disc instead. There's also an option to save the DVD as a disc image by selecting Hard Drive from the
Output Device pop-up menu. This is similar to the disc image included with this topic's DVD; once it's moun-
ted, you can play this like a regular DVD using the Mac's DVD Player or burn it to disc at a later date using an
application such as Roxio Toast.
Final Cut Pro gives you a choice between single-layer and double-layer discs; the type you choose will depend
on the length of the movie you want to burn and the quality of the results that you're after. A single-layer DVD
has a capacity of 4.7GB and can hold around 70 minutes of high-quality video. Longer movies can be burned to
a single-layer DVD, but the video quality begins to suffer due to the compression Final Cut Pro needs to per-
form to fit the movie on the disc. If you have a lengthy piece and quality is a concern, you can burn to a double-
layer DVD, which has a capacity of 8.5GB. You can choose between single-layer and double-layer disc from
the Layers pop-up menu. Note: If you have the Layers pop-up menu set to Automatic, Final Cut Pro will base
its settings on the type of disc you've inserted in the drive.
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